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David Shaw has always enjoyed sipping tea.

“I have always loved loose leaf tea and enjoyed blending my own custom flavors, so I wanted to try my hand at sharing my blends with others and thus Mountain Tempo was born,” he said.

Mountain Tempo is a small business that specializes in premium loose-leaf tea.

“All of our teas are made in small batches from organically sourced ingredients with the intention of maximizing the flavor profile of each tea,” Shaw said.

On the Mountain Tempo website, customers can buy single bags of tea, sampler bundles, and even specialized gift box sets.

“We make and sell various tea gift boxes for any occasion which include tea samples, a tea infuser, honey sticks and a special card!” Shaw said.

Shaw especially loves the Mountain Tempo box that serves as a tribute to his own sexual identity as a gay man.

“I am particularly loving our Pride Gift Box that we recently launched too because we love seeing fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals celebrating Pride!” he said.

Mountain Tempo offers 12 different flavors of tea that are able to be purchased on their own or in a set.

“Our teas come in 2.0 oz bags and also 0.5 oz sample bags perfect for those who want to try out our teas without the commitment of a large bag,” he said.

With so many flavors for customers to choose from, Shaw offered up a couple of his favorite blends.

“I love all of our teas, but I have definitely been in a Mountain Breakfast [a version of an English Breakfast] and Pomegranate Green Tea mood lately!” Shaw said. “Mountain Breakfast gives me the perfect amount of caffeine to start my day while the Pomegranate Green Tea gives a little boost of energy and is really good both hot and cold.”

To Shaw, Mountain Tempo teas are more than a refreshing beverage.

“We created MountainTempo as a way to take a step back and enjoy the moment. Our tea blends are a great way to enjoy all of the day’s little moments from energizing the start of your day to unwinding in the evening, and every moment in between,” he said.

To support this LGBT-owned small business, visit the Mountain Tempo website or check out their Instagram @mountaintempo.