Lucas DeGori and Dominic Clatterbuck were inspired to create their shop after buying from small businesses for years.

“I grew up in a small town that's built on small businesses, it's always something I've always wanted to be a part of,” Clatterbuck said.

The pair teamed up to create Bear Bytes, which is a small Etsy shop that specializes in resin and epoxy art.

“We sell things like keychains and earrings, but in the coming months we're planning on expanding to more jewelry like necklaces as well as home decor items such as coasters, trays, magnets, and ashtrays,” they said.

To honor the shop name, DeGori and Clatterbuck sell resin bear keychains with a variety of colors and glitters within them.

The two gay artists say that “the [strawberry] earrings are our first favorite thing we’ve made and the bear keychain is a very close second.”

Bear Bytes sells products with subtle references to LGBT pride as well, such as keychains made with the transgender pride flag colors.

DeGori, who identifies as nonbinary, loves running a small business because of the impact they are able to have on customers.

“The idea that something we created could make someone so happy is the best part of it honestly,” they said.

Clatterbuck, who identifies as agender, enjoys the creative control they are able to have while running their business.

“I really enjoy working at my own pace,” they said. “Doing something creative that other people like is really rewarding, and I’ve always enjoyed doing art but I’ve never sold it before, so it’s a really cool new experience to see people getting use out of and enjoyment from things I've created.”

Since the business is relatively new, their product is limited. But the pair assure customers that new products are coming soon, including blind bags.

Their goal for this year is simple: “We honestly just want to see our products get to owners who will love and enjoy them as much as we loved and enjoyed making them.”

To support this LGBT-owned small business, visit the Bear Bytes Etsy shop or check out their Instagram @bear.byte.