Being gay, transgender, or queer is as special as being a butterfly, hummingbird, or dragonfly. Anyone who told us otherwise was unaware of the full majesty of the Universe. They had insufficient imagination, not to mention curiosity. They feared the unknown.

What a great tragedy it is that any time of the dragonflys life was spent dodging stones, as if it was a threat rather than being an extraordinary, mystical messenger of the Creator. And, what is the message? Are they ready to hear it? Are they able to understand?

Throughout time, here and elsewhere, there have been spirits of many glorious colors, tones, scents, and tastes, who have flown from the consciousness of the Creator, but were sadly dismissed by those without eyes to see, ears to hear, nostrils to smell, or tongues to taste.

To borrow from Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”:

“Full many a gem of purest ray serene, the dark unfathomd caves of ocean bear; full many a flower is born to blush unseen, and waste its sweetness on the desert air.”

I have always been aware of my goodness, even if I, too, feared my difference. I kept my light hidden under a bushel from fear of what would be done to me by the mob. It was not my family that I worried wouldnt understand, but rather the masses of blind bullies. 

Years ago, I wrote that, When I die, I imagine God will ask me, ‘Brian, did you sing the song I taught you?’ I responded, ‘No, God, I was too afraid.’ I sang, I am Brian. I am straight.” Then, I drank the turpentine, and after having my stomach pumped, I sang, I am Brian. I am gay. Won’t you accept me today?” I knew that wasn’t right either. My beauty as a gay man isn’t something that should be accepted. It should be celebrated, by me, and by the masses. Finally, I recalled it. Once I let my extraordinary wings expand totally; once I soared through the heavens, creating stardust and rainbows with each flutter, I sang, I am Brian. I am gay. I’m God’s gift to you today.” And, God said, ‘I am pleased.’”

Do you know what I learned? There are no masses of blind bullies. There are bullies who throw stones that hurt, and kill butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies, even if they miss. But, once most people see and feel the beauty of my being, once their hearts open, they use their hands to applaud, rather than assault. Many of them then stand up to the bullies, and work to create a new generation that doesnt fear the unusual. These allies give their children guidance on how to see the amazing colors, hear the angelic sounds, and smell the exotic scents. Because they have seen how important we are to the complete manifestation of the Universe, they take pride when one of their own is revealed to be a sacred messenger on wings.     

It used to make me angry when I heard stories of parents disowning their magnificent offspring, and religious groups foolishly purging gay, transgender, and queer people from their ranks. 

These same individuals and groups would then pray to God for inspiration and blessing. I wanted to confront them directly on what a scandal to the Universe their blindness and deafness were. Now, I just get very sad for them, because they threw away, and will never enjoy, the gem of purest ray serene, and they uprooted, as if a weed, an exquisite flower that theyll never smell. Both were the inspirations and blessings for which they prayed. Forgive them. They know not what they do.   

Dont let anyone tell us, or those who flutter behind us, that we arent special. We may not be the norm on earth, but we are in heaven.

All manifestations of the Universe, those we know, and those we can only imagine, are special. Some sentient beings are so afraid of insignificance that they seek to find their meaning by belittling other, different sentient beings. They worry, How can I be special if that too is special? Arent we all supposed to be like me?” Rather than trust in their own goodness, and love all manifestations of God, as they have been taught by all the sacred prophets of Love to do, they fall prey to their fears, and create their own importance by denying that of others.

If we are told we are not normal, that we are not special, the only way we can help others understand is to unveil our magnificent selves, revealing the light that reflects off our extraordinary wings, and sing the song we were taught lovingly by the Supreme Creator. LGBT and queer people are Gods chosen messengers of beauty, interpretation, boldness, and love. If you dont believe it, be quiet and still, and listen deeply to the whisper of your soul. It knows the truth.