McNaught: God’s Best Friend Is Queer

Photo via PxHere

Enough time has been spent defending being gay or transgender to religious leaders.

We don’t need their approval. It would help if they’d quit contributing to our deaths by their hate speech, but they have no moral authority over our lives. Once you decide that to be true, you are free to experience your most extraordinary self.

In order of importance, I’m first and foremost a manifestation of God. I am a soul. I have always lived, and will always live. God, or the Universe, is my makeup. I’ve got a human body that is male.

So, I’m an angel, a Holy Spirit, and I have the physical characteristics of a male. Next, I’m homosexual. More important to me than any other component of my being is my psychic attraction to the energy of other men. It’s more than my body being attracted to other male bodies. It’s my gay God being drawn like a magnet to the gay God in others. 

Being queer,” is more essential to my spirituality than my family of origin, my nationality, my religion, my race, my body, my wealth or my earthly status. Its not up for negotiation.

And because I am my own best friend, and because Im God, Gods best friend is queer. My task in this lifetime is to not just know this to be true, but to feel it to the core of my being, and live it fully, and joyfully. Because Im one of infinite manifestations of the divine, I have a responsibility to enable others to make the same discovery about themselves. Loving kindness is the means of accomplishing that. Kindness from one soul to another in the grocery store, gas station, or on a street corner is part of that work.

Look, I understand if this is gobbledygook to you. You either believe in God or you dont. If you dont, then you still might choose to consider how important your sexual orientation is to you. Are you American first and foremost, or a member of your family before youre gay? The decisions you make are based upon what value you put on the various components of your identity.

If you think you dont have a soul, you still have to decide whether to come out to your family. You also have to decide, when you vote, how important it is to you that the candidate is pro-LGBT. You may not care. I accept that you dont care. I do.

My not caring what religious leaders think of my being gay doesnt mean that Im not politically involved in changing their position, or in minimizing its impact. I recognize that they have influence on how other LGBT people are treated not just in church, but at work and at home too. I use my talents and wealth” to influence public discourse and decision-making.

Im an angel born into a human body in a particular time in history, and into a particular culture. I have needed to push back against their incompetency in order to become aware of my nature. I will continue to push back in order for others to become aware of their nature, and of how divine it is to be LGBT.

Does my soul care about the plight of people who are not LGBT? Of course, yes, but its clear to me that my role this time around is to help in this arena. Being as active as Ive been has enabled me to see beyond the limitations of living as a gay person in my era. Everything that has happened to me has helped create awareness.

For instance, being called a heretic” by a syndicated Catholic columnist in 1974 was a gift to me, as it confirmed the importance of what I was doing at that time with Dignity, the national gay Catholic organization.

I havent always not cared what bishops and theologians thought. When one of them said or wrote something enlightened about being gay, it fed my sense of self. I needed the affirmation of others to support my belief that I was singing the song God taught me.” The writings and pioneering work of other LGBT people, in the Churches and in government, also helped me find my way to this point of self-awareness. 

Whether or not Donald Trump is re-elected doesnt influence the existence of my divine, gay being. It would impact the lives of LGBT people globally, but I am no less Gods best friend if he wins. No matter what happens in the world, I remain a divine being who in this lifetime is homosexual in manifestation.

Thats why I say that enough time has been spent defending being gay to religious leaders. Whether or not they see the light, humans who are homosexual, bisexual, or transgender in nature are still Gods best friend, especially if they are their own best friends.

Maintaining an awareness of my own blessed nature requires work. To withstand the debilitating messages of the culture, that insist right and wrong are determined by the winners” or by the majority, I need to be aware of to what I am giving my attention. My attention is limited, so I choose to give it to people, places, and things that nurture my enlightenment and self-actualization. 

For instance, I dont read hate mail.” Years ago, when people wrote letters, I used to receive a lot of mail, some of which was hateful. Initially, I read it, and then learned not to. It unnecessarily and irresponsibly vexed my soul. Fox News can be hate mail. So, too, can any report on the horrible things said about being LGBT by some church leaders and politicians. Be aware of it, but dont read past the headlines. Its hate mail.

From my experience, if you make the right choices in your life, you come to the conclusion that your primary component of being is divine, and if you decide to be your best friend, then you become Gods best friend. In my case, Gods best friend is queer.