Column: Is God Here For All Of Us Or Just Some Of Us?

Despite the tumultuous domestic times in which we live, there’s reason to give thanks for God has graciously gifted us much – each one of us. We give thanks for the wonder and bounty of creation and pray humanity will be a good steward for future generations.

We give thanks for the breadth of life and pray all may enjoy life free of discrimination and hate. We give thanks for the blessing of community and pray we may recognize all as brothers and sisters. We give

thanks for the love of God freely given us in Christ and we pray we may love as we are loved, celebrating all loving relationships. As our Presiding Bishop says, “if it’s not about love, it’s not about God.”

Our Thanksgiving leads into the anticipation of Christmas and the celebration of the Incarnation of
God. Christmas is a reminder that God is intimately involved in creation and human life. By being en eshed as a man who derives all of His humanity and DNA from the Virgin Mary – from a woman, God will not be boxed or limited by our categories. In the Incarnation God says to all of us that we are loved as we are, even as we are invited to become our best selves.

Although you may have been told through the years that you are not worthy of Christ’s love due to a personal trait or belief, or your

orientation, etc., don’t believe it. Christmas says otherwise. The angels proclaimed to the shepherds good news for all people – for all people! Emmanuel – which means God- With-Us – is here for all of us. No exceptions. In the celebration of Christmas, know that God doesn’t just tolerate you, God loves you.

Christmas also has an edgy message for the world’s bene t. In a recent tweet, Carlos Rodriguez said, “Christmas is about believing what a woman said about her sex life. Christmas is about a family nding safety as asylum seekers. Christmas is about a child in need receiving support... Christmas is about God identifying with the marginalized, not the powerful.” In other words, Christmas is about respecting the dignity of every human being. There’s much to


We invite you to join us for both

Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone is welcome when we gather to give thanks (please see our Welcoming Statement at www.stnicholas .org.) We’ll celebrate a special Thanksgiving Vigil Mass at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 21st. Also join us for our potluck Thanksgiving meal with cocktails at Noon and dinner at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 22nd. Please call Joan Harrison at 954-657-3658 to RSVP. (Turkeys provided. Please bring a dish to share.)