American politicians crave ignorance, poverty, inequality, division, hypocrisy, chaos, boogie men, lies, crime, war — to stay alive and fester.They are creatures from a science fiction movie. Irresponsibility and total disregard for the good of the country is the norm in a game where the word bipartisan has become anathema. 

Obstructionism is the rule. Paralyzing the government is the favorite sport of the elected gasbags. The word “do jour” is negate instead of negotiate. Too many times I feel we are ruled by thieves and liars. It is as if the last remaining vestiges of restraint and shame have been overcome and it is no longer necessary, on the part of the political elite, to pretend that they are anything less than what they are: power hungry, self-centered, monochromatic, greedy, narcissistic bastards. They all have black belts in shifting blame or responsibility.

Their ego-cancer makes them unaware of the mounting disgust the population at large feels at the way we are ruled. It doesn't even matter at this point if the people have voted for or against any politicians they now despise.

There is very little hope for change. Although they often talk and promise a better world, especially on the campaign trail, not one of them gives evidence of having any desire to change this rotten system because it works so well to the real purpose of maintaining power for themselves, and the benefits that come with it. The people be damned. Keep them sick and poor. They are easier to control. The members of this caste are predators who use charm, money, intimidation, religion and fear to manipulate others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. We routinely elect barbarians who take what they want and do as they please without guilt or remorse. We should start blaming ourselves for accepting the status quo because we elect these sociopaths and pay their salaries.

Unless you have a permanent lapse of reason you have to admit that those who represent you belong in a three-ring circus, or preferably in a loony bin.

I am exhausted by how stupid everyone is getting. More to the point: you know they didn't get up there by themselves, they don't belong up there, they don't know what to do while they are up there. They are elevated beyond their ability to function. Civility, class, style, have gone by the wayside, hysteria has taken over, elected politicians resort to innuendos, sneers, manipulation, misrepresentation, greed, and unsubstantiated attacks of the opposite side just because it is the opposite side. There is no more “right” or “wrong,” just blind partisanship.

The fight today is not between liberal and conservative ideology but between proudly ignorant, reckless and incompetent indecency and those of us who oppose it.

I fear that the rules our nation so successfully followed for more than 200 years were designed for another time, a different breed of human beings.

It’s all a facade, a big fraud perpetrated against the American people, a far too real and tragic reality show. The modus operandi is to talk about God, family and guns, preferably with southern accents, while robbing us blind and destroying what little is left of our democracy.

Placing hopes and dreams in the hands of certified liars is never a good idea. They claim they love America, but clearly they don’t love Americans.