At United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale, the 4 Sundays of January 2019 have and are focusing on the theme of “New Beginnings”.

During worship on the first Sunday of January we traveled alongside the seekers who had a “divine” encounter with the Baby Jesus and it was so insightful and impactful for them and us we left on a new and different spiritual path and decided not to look back. The second Sunday, we wrote a word or drew a symbol on a piece of paper. The words/drawing represented what we had allowed to affect our lives in a negative way that had prevented us from living “fully” and as “free” spiritual beings on a journey of growth and fulfillment of God’s plan for us. We tossed that fear or roadblock in to the fire of the burning bowl and let go. The third Sunday, we re-affirmed our baptism and were reminded that the Holy Spirit lives within us and it is that light which makes us powerful and inspires us during this earthly journey. We cleansed our hands with the sacred water and renewed our commitment to work for justice and to serve others.

This Sunday, Jan. 27 is the last step of our “New Beginnings 2019” spiritual journey. During worship, we will each write a private/confidential letter to God. Yes, using a real piece of paper and a pen/pencil (no laptops or printers allowed). During the last three weeks we have gone through a discernment process. We have been seeking to connect with God’s plan for us. We have explored our personal spiritual gifts and discerned how these gifts can be used to service others and worship God. We have let go and released all fear and doubt that has surrounded these gifts and will name them, embrace them and free them for use in the coming year.

On the top of the stationery you will receive this Sunday will be the date “January 27, 2019.”  Under that will be the words “Dear God.” You are invited during worship time to write YOUR letter to God. The letter may contain words of gratitude, commitment for the new year, need for spiritual direction, request for healing and/or whatever is on your heart to say.

After you finish the letter, you will be provided an envelope to use. You will fold the letter and place it in the envelope and address it to yourself. It will be stamped and given to an onsite postal clerk. The letter will be put under lock and key and on July 1, 2019, that letter will be put in the mail for you. When you receive it, trust me, it will be a spiritual experience. A private, confidential, intimate experience between you and God.

Use the next few days to pray and meditate about what your letter will say.  The “Written Word” is indeed powerful.

Dear God…

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