Faith: Between the Beginning and the End

Dr. Deborah L. Geweke of Christ Lutheran Church

Our journey begins with ashes.  They remind us of what we once were and what we will someday become again.  In the Rite of Christian Burial we are reminded of this our nature, as we commend the body of our brother or sister to the ground, “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” 

The ancient practice of smearing ashes on one’s forehead on Ash Wednesday (this year falling on March 6) serves as a potent image of the life we live in between the beginning and the end, our bracketed existence living as disciples of our Lord.

The life we live as Christians is marked by the sign we receive on Ash Wednesday—the very same sign marked upon us in our Holy Baptism and again traced over us at our Christian Burial—the cross.

While seldom in our lives is this sign as visible as the smudge on Ash Wednesday, evidence of being so marked by our Lord is made real as we live a “cruciform life.”  That is, life lived under the cross.  A life in which our faith is made evident in our relationships, both “vertically” with our Lord and God, and “horizontally” with our brothers and sisters in the faith.

On this Ash Wednesday, as through all of Lent and into the Easter Season, Christ Lutheran Church invites you, our brothers and sister in our community, to join together in worshipping the Lord of the Cross and the Christ of the coming Easter.  We are a community together and together are brought by our Lord as One people.

Ash Wednesday Service:  March 6: Noon and 7:00pm

Lenten Services:  Wednesdays: Noon and 7:00pm

Easter Eve Service:  Saturday, April 20, 7:00pm

Easter Day Service:  Sunday, April 21, 10:00am

Come to Christ this Holy Season of Lent and Easter...and together we will celebrate His gifts!


Christ Lutheran Church

Dr. Deborah L. Geweke