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Since his early days as a congressional candidate challenging Allen West and his offensive agenda, Patrick Murphy has been a visible and vocal supporter of the LGBT community.

It's an easy call. SFGN enthusiastically endorses his candidacy for the United States Senate, over the incumbent, Republican Marco Rubio.

A principled challenger to Donald Trump in the primaries, Rubio has also been a force on the national stage for the limited diversity the GOP offers.

In many ways, this race represents the best of what politics is supposed to be about- honorable candidates advocating and debating issues and ideas articulating their visions for our country.

In this race, it is clear that the interests and rights of LGBT citizens in the state of Florida will be better protected by Patrick Murphy, who has embraced marriage equality. Senator Rubio, on the other hand, has called for Supreme Court nominees who would reverse last year's decision.

On multiple issues, from supporting outreach to Cuba and protecting a woman's right to choice, Congressman Murphy is in tune and on the same page as LGBT citizens. He stands with us, not against us; by us, not apart from us- and he has never hesitated to do so.

As the torch passes to a new generation of Americans emerging on the stage of electoral politics, Patrick Murphy represents one of those men and women ready to seize the mantle of the future.

Pat Murphy's young life has been one of conscience and good will, recognizing the reality of climate change while still recognizing the need to insure safe building codes. He offers the temperament and discipline to make wise and prudent decisions on issues of public safety and national security.

Ultimately, Pat offers good policy and sensible practicality, more so than Rubio's regrettable ideological head-in-the-sand approach to diversity and breadth. For the LGBT community to prosper, allies like Pat Murphy are so important in order to challenge those who would set us back.

Florida is well served by Pat Murphy's candidacy, and would best be served by his election to the US Senate. SFGN endorses him, and encourages you to vote for him as well.