Election Day is only three weeks away, mail-in ballots have been sent out, early voting will start next week, and we have entered the final stretch of this horrific election cycle.

One would hope that, once Election Day is over, we can begin to move ahead without all the insanity from Donald Trump filling the airways and the news headlines. Unfortunately, his scorched-earth policy will leave much damage for our great nation to deal with for a very long time.  

Claims of fixed elections, media bias, the encouragement of racism, sexism, and hate speech, conspiracy theories, and all the rest of Trump’s evils released from the Pandora’s Box of the American electorate.

We cannot let the insanity overwhelm us and our need to show up at the polls and vote. Some residents have told me that they are so turned off by this negative and sinister campaign for President that they would not be voting at all.

Instead of falling victim to such feelings, we must encourage everyone to vote and make it absolutely clear who we want to hold the office of President of the United States. That choice needs to be Hillary Clinton.

If there was any media bias in this election, it was in favor of Donald Trump. Early on in the primaries nobody called Trump on his behavior, his lies, and his actions. He used the media to take out opponent after opponent until he was the only one left standing and now is the Republican nominee for President.

Where was the evil, sinister, left wing news media when Donald Trump was getting a free ride through the primaries? No mention of them back then. Only now that Trump realizes his chance of moving into the White House is out of reach, does he look to cast blame. This behavior is very typical for Trump, use people for personal gain, then discard them when finished.

Moving beyond the race for President, we have many other choices that need to be made on Election Day. Votes for our members of Congress, State Representatives, some Judgeships, Referendums, and of course our local officials here in Wilton Manors.  Our local elections have mirrored the national race to some degree with two candidates making exaggerated claims and accusations. Thanks to Mayor Resnick, candidate Paul Rolli, and Commissioners Green and Carson for running their campaigns based on facts and firm beliefs on how best to move our city forward.

My advice for the next three weeks:  tune out the insanity and simply enjoy the Fall Season. I must thank Commissioner Flippen for reminding us all at the last City Commission meeting to take the time and enjoy this wonderful season, while displaying the beautiful pumpkin he recently purchased at the Kiwanis Pumpkin Patch at Five Points. He is absolutely correct; this is a wonderful time of year.

We finally get a break from the brutal summer heat, nights are cooler and perfect for a stroll around town, the excitement of all the festivities fast approaching with Halloween and Thanksgiving begins to grow inside us all.  So go out to the Pumpkin Patch, pick out your own Great Pumpkin, and enjoy this wonderful time of year. Be sure to carve that pumpkin into a very special Jack-o-Lantern, so that you can place it outside your home to ward off the evil spirits that are swirling all around us this election year. Hopefully it will also ward off some candidates from knocking on your door.

We all can make life just better here……GO VOTE!!!!