Column: Build the Wall, Build the Wall, Build the Wall

So, what’s the hold up? 

Residents here in Wilton Manors have joked for years about pulling up the bridges of the Island City at night to keep out the undesirables, the homeless, and the criminals coming in from surrounding areas. 

Now some residents have embraced our President’s plan to build a wall. Chants rise up at city meetings, neighborhood association gatherings, and town hall meetings, “Build the wall, build the wall!” The chanting reverberates through the halls along with the boasting on how they are going to get the cities of Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale to pay for the construction of our new border wall. 

While we are still in LaLa Land, we might as well bill them for a few new clay tennis courts, a parking structure, some art installations, and a street light at NW 20th Street and Andrews Avenue. This dark and dangerous corner of our city allows the illegals and criminals to slip into our Westside neighborhood to rob, plunder, and disrupt our way of life, which is just better here.  

Looking beyond the borders of our Island City, things do seem a bit scary out there. If you turn your gaze northward towards Washington DC, dark storm clouds are visible on the horizon. As the new administration and the new majorities in the House and Senate settle in, it’s hard to feel any comfort in how the next four years may play out, taking into consideration the roller coaster ride of the first one hundred days. One word stands out in my mind as I review all that is taking place: hypocrisy. As the new administration rounds up illegal immigrants for deportation, as border guards wait in front of churches on a Sunday morning to seize hard-working family members, as innocent citizens and visa holders are detained at airports, there seems to be no mention of the government going after employers who for years have hired and made enormous profits from illegal immigrant workers. 

A border guard was quoted in a recent New York Times article, “What part of illegal don’t you understand? These people broke the law by entering the country illegally and should not be tolerated or excused.” 

I might not have a problem accepting this ‘law and order’ justification if those same border guards were at the gates of corporate America, arresting CEO’s and other corporate honchos for also breaking the law, knowingly employing illegal immigrants for years and making enormous profits from their illegal activity.

What part of “illegal” doesn’t the U.S. government understand? Start rounding up the poultry processing plant owners throughout Maryland and the Carolinas, the farm owners across the United States, factory owners, and the wealthy 1 percent who hire illegal immigrants in their factories and in their homes. Then perhaps the whole ‘law and order’ crowd wouldn’t seem so hypocritical. 

‘What part of illegal don’t they understand?’ should become the new battle cry.  The last time I checked, perjury, sexual harassment, insider trading, and treason were also crimes; but that hasn’t stopped the new power elite and their hypocrisy at the highest levels. 

“Don’t do as I do, do as I say,” especially if you are an illegal immigrant, have a Muslim sounding name, or the latest victim labeled as another enemy of the American way of life. Let’s make America great again by lying to Congress, by having secret meetings with Russian officials, by making sweetheart deals, and by conducting shady business practices. Oh, but don’t question our behavior. It’s just the liberal media making a fuss about nothing. 

The new order is needed to deal with all the illegal immigrants committing crimes while pretending to spend long hard days picking tomatoes in Immokalee. Don’t mention the bathroom issue at our schools either, that liberal media will have child molesters in our kids’ bathrooms along with all those gays and transgender types. On top of it all, those radical Muslims, all 1.5 billion of them, a quarter of the world’s population, are looking to destroy our way of life. If these new cronies start bringing back military parades and goose-stepping, you know it will be too late for us all.

Bringing myself back to the enclave of Wilton Manors, one can say that all politics are local. However, if Florida House Bill 17 passes, there will be very little local politics left. Imagine local control being placed in the hands of Rick Scott and his circle of elites. Be very vigilant, Wilton Manors, and protect our great way of life right here in good ole Wilton Manors, so that we can continue chanting, “Life is just better here!”