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With the caption “Me giving my bottom ‘the speech,'” gay adult film star Austin Wilde tweeted a video of Sandra Bullock’s character’s opening speech from the Netflix horror film Bird Box - in which she warns her children about deadly monsters. 

“It’s going to be rough, it’s gonna feel like it’s going on for a long time, so it’s gonna be hard to stay alert. It’s gonna be even harder to be quiet, but you have to do both. You have to do every single thing I say, or we will not make it,” Bullock’s character “Mallorie” said in the Twitter clip.

The 35-year-old gay porn star’s post has racked up more than 33,000 retweets and likes, surprising Wilde himself, who tweeted that his app was freezing and crashing under the pressure.

“‘So it’s going to be hard to stay alert’ fucking kills me” Wilde later added was his favorite part of the joke.

Many people told Wilde to “yell at me daddy” and informed him: “I’m ready.”

Other Bird Box reactions arising since the film’s release include the dangerous joke challenge in which people blindfold themselves and try walking around avoiding injury, according to Pink News.

This led Netflix to posting a warning on Twitter Jan. 2, tweeting “PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE.”

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