(Mirror) In the vein of playing on the word “heart” – the following are also apropos to this month’s Artist Spotlight:

Yankiel Mompellar isn’t merely an artist; he’s a “heartist.” The building that displays much of his work is the Art Beat Galleries. Some of his most popular paintings are included in his “Heartbeat Series.”

You get the idea. 

But the tongue in cheek is really the truth – the man paints a lot of hearts. 

Some are on small canvasses that could almost be transported in a car glove compartment and there’s at least one that wouldn’t fit in a large SUV. These hearts are anatomical – not the Valentine’s Day sort. Although your reaction might be one of love.

His work includes other subjects as well. And the man behind the creations is just as complex, colorful and intense as his art.

Into the light

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Society likes to rate things on a one-to-10 spectrum. Ten is usually the top range (he’s a 10!) and one is that half star Amazon rating.

But if you think 10 is the natural ceiling, you might want to check-in with Mompellar.

The 29-year-old operates on an energy and light scale that basically places zero in the center. To the left of zero is negative or dark core energy, and to the right is the light, the sun and all its creative forces.

You’ll find his energy hovering somewhere in a self-described one billion or higher level – especially when he’s creating.

“Everything has a vibration and energy,” Mompellar said. “Everything has a positive or negative and I can read it numerically. The most valuable thing you can have is your light.”

He tests it when he walks in a room, meets a person, sees an object. 

It can seem complicated, but no matter – it’s best to leave preconceived notions and judgements at the studio door. Just be in the moment and take the trip with him.

“My purpose is to bring high-vibrational art to the world,” Mompellar said, and he means it with a deep eye connection. It’s a mission statement that he lives. It’s manifested on the walls of the studio.

The three years he spent living and studying at the Bodies of Light Center in Dania Beach has a lot to do with the journey. 

It’s a journey that began when he and his family left Cuba for Miami when he was 9. He went to high school there, worked at a car wash for many years, and eventually moved to Fort Lauderdale.

He would later bartend, as well as dance and strip at the Boardwalk, Johnsons and LeBoy.

Those are all experiences that shaped him – and meeting LeBoy owner Sean David resulted in the current business partnership at Art Beat Galleries.

But it was a previous “chance” encounter at a former Wilton Manors art walk event at the Village Pub where he was showing his art that would also make an impact. That’s where he met Dr. Lee Vickers – owner of Bodies of Light.

“I really didn’t want to be around all these drunk people,” Mompellar said. “But Dr. Lee walked in and was testing the energy and he found me.”

Vickers is an author, holistic practitioner, teacher and consultant. At his center he teaches people to find and access their light through “science and simplicity.”

There’s much more to the story: like the significance of Dec. 21, 2012, and why the Mayan calendar end-date is important to Mompellar. You’ll have to ask him about it.

For more

Treat yourself to the free “Sunday Night Live” event, when Mompellar paints an original piece “live” in the middle of the studio. It runs from about 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The studio has a “hugging station,” too. But before you roll your eyes, Mompellar wants you to give it a try – when you’re ready.

“For one minute, stand in front of the art hugging yourself and say ‘I love me,’” he said. “The art” is an enormous heart placed near the building’s entrance. 

He said people have had all kinds of experiences after doing it – tears, collapsing on the floor, you name it.

Formerly the Artists Warehouse, Art Beat Galleries in Oakland Park is located at 3074 NE 12th Terrace. The studio is generally open Thursday through Sunday and by appointment. More is on social media and at ArtBeatGalleries.com.