Monique Heart came to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 with something to prove. After her Season 10 ended, Monique regrouped and prepared for her “Ru-demption” on All Stars 4; and that is exactly what she got.

From “Brown Cow Stunning” looks (as well as a single of the same name) along with stunning lip sync and challenge performances, Heart traveled all the way up the ranks to a Top Four contestant this time around. I caught up with her post elimination to chat about what it was like coming back to the competition so soon after her own season, the big change shes made in her personal life, and why the “Gay Oprah” may have a few more tricks up her sleeve yet!

You made it through All Stars 4 with a fantastic showing! Are you proud of yourself and your amazing showing?

Yes I am, thank you! I was happy, very much so!

We were pleasantly surprised to see you come back to quickly after Season 10. Was there ever any hesitation to come back so quickly after your own season was over? 

You know, there wasnt, not at all. The only issue that I had with Season 10 was really that the butterfly killer” (Asia O’Hara) sent me home because her costume was better than mine!(laughs).

When you first got into the workroom this season, was there anyone that you were surprised not to see?

Actually no. I was not really worried about any of them other girls, I was just worried about getting myself to the finish line! (laughs).

Do you think its fair to say that you got the Ru-demption that you wanted?

No-I didn’t win.

Was there an inner saboteur this year that you had to really overcome to make it through to the Top Four this season? It seemed that on Season 10 you got into your own head a bit.

You know, I didn't really have an inner saboteur the time around. All I really had to do was to rebuke the devil and take each of these hos out one by one. And you know what-Manila and Monet and each of them one by one, got the chop; bloop!

Brown Cow Stunning” was both your performance in the season premiere talent show as well as your new hit single, complete with eye popping video directed by Assaad Yacoub. What was it like creating such music that essentially defined you and your journey this season?

Oh, the music was great, but it was definitely hard! Brown Cow Stunning” was initially a bleak moment for me on Season 10 and they wanted a song, so I gave them one! It turned out we got to use it for the variety show, so BOOM!

What is next for Monique Heart?

Well, I am currently finishing my one woman show, we just finished rehearsals yesterday and tomorrow we are officially hitting the road. We start in Canada the last week of February, then I am back in March for the other half of the country. I am doing film in Los Angeles, and I just moved out there to give myself some more opportunities. I just filmed for two weeks with a major television network, and I meet with an agent very soon. I am going to be auditioning, doing more shows and building the brand. Long term I want to be a gay Oprah! (laughs).

As you move forward in your post All Stars life, what gives you the most pride in your career going forward?

When I look back over the entire experience, I may have been on television for a year, but for me this was a ten year journey. Seeing the preparation for success I went through and for television, I am gagged, I am gooped, the goopery is very real. I can look at my life and say Wow Jesus, you really did hear the dreams and plans of my heart and allow them to come true in time.” I am very happy.

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