A NOTE FROM THE CEO: Ten Years After 

Ten Years After Via SFGN

When I moved to Florida in 1992 I was still, mostly, in the closet. I had started my slow move out of it during the Anita Bryant anti-gay campaign.

I was so angry at the time that I began telling a few selected friends and members of my family I was gay. But I was still in the closet at work and with my parents and brothers. Then I relocated to Fort Lauderdale and all of a sudden a new world opened up for me. I met a wonderful man who, on our first date, took me to Wilton Manors. 

Even though the Island City was very different back then I thought it was a gay Disneyland.

I remember picking up David magazine and Hot Spots and being amazed by them. I had never seen anything like that. 

A year later I stormed out of the closet and never looked back. Then Express Gay News came out, I read every word, became an activist and got involved in every battle and struggle for equality. AIDS, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Police Entrapment, Marriage. 

It felt good to have a paper in my hands, it was reassuring to realize that there was a real community out there, it was exciting to learn about groups to join and meeting to attend. 

Ten years ago my journey reached another milestone.

Our community needed to be seen and heard. We needed a vehicle to put our words in print. We demanded to be counted, and we needed to be not just acknowledged as a community but to be treated fairly. It took a leap of faith to join forces with Publisher/Attorney Norm Kent and start South Florida Gay News.  

The rest is history. 

Publishing a weekly newspaper is a team sport and each issue is a testament to our talented staff and contributors. We strive to provide you with a little sanity amid all the social media chaos through ethical and bold journalism.  

We are proud to stand out as the leading source for gay news in our region. Our tradition of telling your stories, in print and online, providing in-depth, comprehensive news and entertaining features helped shape this community and created stability and pride. 

We aim to inform, inspire, involve, and hopefully we can continue doing it for many years to come. Recording our history helps define us as community because history was never as straight as we are told and recording it means reporting the truth. 

On our 10th anniversary, we are celebrating our loyal readers and valuable advertisers first and foremost.

You are our motivation, the reason we go the extra mile, and do better than our best.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you for all these years.

May The Good News Be With You.