SFGN Staff Fondly Remembers Blanche

Blanche Devereaux one of Miami’s most famous—if fictional—resi- dents will never pass away thanks to DVDs and syndication. However, Rue McClanahan, the great actress that played her passed away in Manhattan last week.

It is strange that nearly 20 years after “The Golden Girls” cancellation many of us took a moment out of our day to reflect on how much joy she brought into our lives. In addition to her work with Dorothy, Estelle and Rose she originated Mrs. Morrible in “Wicked,” took a turn as the “Countess de Lave” in “The Women,” played Bea Arthur’s cousin in “Maude,” and even appeared in the campy, early 1980s Vicky Lawrence vehicle “Mama’s Family.” She also played a vicious fag hag in the 1971 film,“Some of My Best Friends Are.”

Yet Blanche is the most familiar character she leaves us with.Therefore, let’s celebrate her with some quotes that she and her co- stars made famous.You will be much-missed.

Blanche: When Blanche Devereaux goes after a man, she doesn't stand on ceremony!Sophia: Or the floor.

Blanche: “My life is an open book.”Sophia: “Your life is an open blouse.”

Blanche: [explaining why she worn red at her wedding] Oh please, it's bad enough hearing all those snickers as you walk down the aisle, but me in white, even I couldn't keep a straight face.

Blanche: "I'm more jumpy than a virgin at a prison rodeo"

Blanche: "I'm hotter than a whore in Sunday School."

Dorothy: “There’s a man on our lawn.”Blanche: “Get the net!”

Blanche: "There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut. I know. My toe has been on that line."

Blanche: “Ah! Look at the shameless way she’s flirtin’ with him…disgustin’!”Rose: “You flirted with him.”Blanche: “I’m from the South. Flirting is part of my heritage.”Rose: “What do you mean?”Dorothy: “Her mother was a slut too.”

Rose: “How do you feel about performing in front of a video camera?”Blanche: “I think it’s okay as long as you’ve already had at least three dates.”

Blanche: “Like I’m the only person whose ever mixed a margarita in a sailor’s mouth.”