He sang at Princess Diana’s funeral and performed a duet with Lady Gaga at the 2010 Grammy Awards.Then Sir Elton John surprised the world by serenading Rush Limbaugh last week at the right-winger’s wedding ceremony in Palm Beach.

This was Limbaugh’s fourth marriage, and no expense was spared. The openly gay Elton got a million bucks for the gig. Queerty and others threatened to disown him for crooning to an enemy of his own community.

But Zev Chafetz, author of a new biography on Limbaugh, rushed to assure everyone in an article in the Wall Street Journal that gay people have a friend in Limbaugh. In fact, Chafetz claimed, Limbaugh’s as liberal on gay issues as Barack Obama.

“In an interview last summer,” Chafetz wrote,“he told me that he regards homosexuality as most likely determined by biology, considers other people’s sex lives to be none of his business and supports gay civil unions.”

If that’s true, Limbaugh has kept his support for gay rights well concealed behind reams of homophobic rants. In one instance, in 2004, a teacher phoned into his radio show to express concern that conservative prejudice encouraged bullying of gay kids at her high school.

Limbaugh had no sympathy.The openly gay students were “trumpeting” their sexuality and “inviting dissent,” he declared.“Militants” were “asking for this fight” and “want to be confrontational.” When the teacher insisted her gay students weren’t trumpeting their sexuality at all, Limbaugh made his meaning clear: their mistake was coming out of the closet in the first place.

In another classy move in February 2009, Limbaugh broadcast a song about gay congressman Barney Franks, chair of the House Financial Services Committee.The song was called “Banking Queen.”

Perhaps Elton John will perform it at Franks’ wedding.