She’s saving the day — and a pocket gay.

Bob the Drag Queen won season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and has kept the momentum going ever since. Now she stars as Kickass Drag Queen in her own comic strip exclusively in an Instagram slideshow, written by herself and illustrated by New York City comedian Matteo Lane.

In the first issue, Bob is a barista who transforms into her super queen identity after hearing “the distinctive cry of a defenseless pocket gay.” She must save him as he’s surrounded by men in crop tops spewing Grindr-speak.

“Bob takes a deep homosexual breath, grabs his magical crown (that he earned) and trans forms into … Kickass Drag Queen!” the comic reads as she becomes her super-alter-ego in a Sailor Moon-esque transformation.

World of Wonder reports rumors that more comic strips are on the way. Bob has opened up a separate Instagram account for the comic strip, @kickassdragqueen.

Check out the full comic strip below.


Episode 1: Kickass Drag Queen, written by @bobthedragqueen and illustrated by @Matteolane #kickassdragqueen

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