Monique Heart was what many would call the "truth cannon" of Season Ten of RuPaul's Drag Race. Her words to both the audience and the other ladies on race, her drag style, and essentially getting along with each other made her an honest addition to the cast. While she may have departed the show last week, she managed to find time to catch up with me post-elimination. We talked her notorious and divine playing card dress, what Kansas City queens would make a fantastic addition to Season 11, and if she thinks there is a race issue in the drag community. 


Ok, right off the bat, many viewers were bitter and felt you should have snagged your first main challenge win with the sublime and uber creative dress you crafted almost completely out of playing cards! 

Bitch, who you telling!? They told me to step my pussy up, and these other ho’s have hot glued shit to a costume! I felt that maybe if I had done the hat bigger maybe it would have been a win. But to hear that it was just safe…girl! It was like my project days came back, and I was like ‘bitch try me' (laughs).


Do you think there was a lot more that you had to show on the main stage and during the challenges? 

I had so much more to show. I wanted to have that moment where RuPaul holds up a picture of your younger self and asks you what you would say to that person. I got to talk to the world and to America during this process. The world saw me be crafty, creative, funny and sickening, all of it. I never got to have that full heart to heart moment though and that is what I really wanted to have.


This season, there seems to be a very strong feeling of sisterhood that is threaded throughout the episodes, and despite some bumps in the road, that spirit is felt throughout the cast. Is that accurate? 

Yes, absolutely. It is so funny that they did not show more of that. There were times that we would be in the workroom and we would just stop and say that we were so thankful that everyone that is in that group is truly in this group. No one else could be there. Fans may speculate on who is there, but we were truly happy that everyone is there. Even with Eureka, who I had reservations about coming back again, there really could not have been anyone else in Season Ten but this group.


Is there anything that happened that we did not get to see that you wish they had shown more of? 

You know it’s funny, I wanted to do a weekly commentary on the show where I would show everyone some things that really did happen, but VH1 really showed everything that happened. Even the fight that happened with Vixen, she was very provoked and very attacked, so she responded to that. Now America can deal with that and may want to tag her as the villain, but she was attacked and VH1 showed that. I thank God that VH1 is very honest with everything. There was no shade, they did not leave anything out. This is what happened honey, and that is what was said.


You are a queen from the fabulous city of Kansas City, Missouri. Who do you think would be a fabulous addition to the Season 11 cast of Drag Race from your city? 

Actually, I would definitely say Moltyn Decadence, maybe Heidi Banks also. There are so many really!


You are a queen who sometimes seemed to have a very realistic perspective of things. As you like to say, #FactsAreFacts. Do you think that the race card played into any of the issues with the other ladies this season?

I feel like that is a very hard question. For the first time, they had five black girls on the cast. It wasn’t like they had five basic black queens either; any one of us could have snatched that crown. Outside of the fact of me not knowing my words, which was my kryptonite last night, bitch we slayed. It is very hard to say, but overall, I think things that play out after you are gone, you will see “oh they want the vanilla queen and I don’t see anyone brown over there”. It is real definitely.


So for you racism is still a very viable thing outside of the show. 

Let’s be real. There is no way you can think that it’s not. People want to live in a world where they say “it’s 2018 I’m surprised that racism still exists”. Bitch, stop lying to yourself. Let’s be real and own it and not shy away from it. Live in that uncomfortable place for a moment because I have to live in it every day. I mean, I’ll get on Grindr and see “No Fats, No Femmes, No Blacks” and think, “well ok, that’s me”. It’s real.


Who do you think could be the one to snatch the crown. It is starting to get down to the wire. 

I definitely am going to go with one of my sisters; I am here for Asia, Vixen or Monet definitely.


It’s a very challenging world, and for drag queens of color, can sometimes be even more challenging. What keeps you on a positive path and inspired to do your best work? 

John:15 says that "every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes". I talk to my dad about everything and I talk to the Holy Spirit. Knowing how he has had grace with me and my shortcomings, you have to have grace with other people and their bullshit. Just like we said, sometimes you have to look at a situation and speak some truth, that is how I am. We are going to get you together and we’re going to move on. I don’t keep beating a dead horse or harboring bitterness. I mean, why am I going to end up wrinkled over your raggedy ass?! It makes no sense; I know many times we give people the power. I am an adult and the power is mine and I am going to live in that positive place. It is just exhausting to be negative. Get laid, do something, find some joy! (laughs).


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