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Mayhem Miller was beyond well known when she hit the RuPaul’s Drag Raceworkroom on this the tenth season of the massive hit show. From her first challenge win to an extremely polished presentation, Miller was looked at as ready to slay the competition this season. She may have “sashayed away” this past week, but something tells me we have just started to see the legend that Mayhem Miller truly is. I grabbed a chat with Miller post-elimination to chat about her Drag Race experience, intimidating her fellow competitors, and what we can expect next from this West Coast drag diva.


You arguably could go down as the most grateful contestant to ever be on RuPaul’s Drag Race. You seemed truly appreciative to have made the cut for Season Ten. 

Oh I was very grateful that I finally got that opportunity. When I got the call, as you can see on the show, it was immediate tears. When I initially got the call that I had made it, I was in the airport in Vancouver. I was overwhelmed and emotional and people were standing around looking at me. (laughs). It was a great feeling; it was like, it was actually happening after all of these years. 


Conversely, your elimination was very smooth, and except for some tears during Untucked, you really kept it together during the elimination process. 

The difference for me was that when I came in and won the first challenge, that was the moment that I had been waiting for for all of these years. I had been waiting for that moment all of my life and getting the stamp of approval from the queen of all queens, RuPaul. I really felt at that point, that it was all worth it. When the time came for me to exit, I had really made peace with it. I set out to do what I went there to do, I played the game the way that I wanted to play it, and I held onto my dignity and my integrity, and I wanted to handle it with class. I didn’t want to take away from that; I wanted to end the experience on a good note.


Now that you’ve seen the episodes, you can see that some of your fellow queens were intimidated to be competing up against someone like Mayhem Miller. Ironically, one of the girls who mentioned that specifically was Monet X Change, who you ended up going up against in the lip sync and who sent you home. How did it feel going up against ladies that you knew were somewhat intimidated by your reputation? 

It definitely put me in a position where I was honored that my competitors knew who I was and that my legacy was known within the workroom, but at the same time it put a target on my back. It’s different for some girls who enter the competition where your competitors don’t know your strengths, weaknesses, or who you are; you get to learn them as you go along with the game. For me, they knew that this was a powerhouse drag queen and we have to get her out somehow or some way. 


Although you knew so many ladies who have competed and won the competition, is there anything that once you arrived, really surprised you about the competition? 

I was surprised how well they fed us (laughs). I have had some horrible craft service situations in the past! They really took care of us and made sure we were fed and it was all good food, good quality and they had options for people that were vegan. One day we had bacon, shrimp, and the bacon for breakfast was fucking amazing! That was the most heartbreaking thing about leaving; I’m never gonna get that bacon for breakfast again! (laughs). 


You left before the notorious “Snatch Game” challenge; what was your “Snatch Game” character going to be? 

You know, I don’t know that I should tell you in case I get called back to be on the show again. I don’t want people to know! (laughs). 


Well many people thought that when you left, you were primed for a spot on the “All Stars 4” cast. Would you do it if they asked you to come back?

Um, abso-fucking-lutely! 


From Morgan McMichaels to Raja to Delta Work, so many people who are part of your drag family are part of the RuPaul’s Drag Race family as well. Is there anyone from your family that you think would be a perfect addition to Season 11? 

I would have to definitely say Vicky Vox. She would not hold back or bite her tongue. She would cuss everyone out and put everyone in their place. She knows how to deliver, she is a well-rounded queen and is absolutely hilarious. I think she would do pretty well on the show. 


You have officially been on RuPaul’s Drag Race. As that was such a bucket list check for your career, what is the next achievement you are looking to accomplish? 

Right now what I want to do is to show the world my talent and now I have the platform to do that. I can’t wait to travel the rest of the country and abroad and show the world what Mayhem Miller really is and why everyone knew who she was when she walked into that workroom. 


You have been in the game, and have hit a bar in your career that so many other girls strive to hit. What keeps you wanting to hit those goals, and even exceed them? 

I believe in personal growth. You never stop growing and learning. Even though I have reached a point that many girls would be satisfied at, I am not satisfied. I want more. The fun part about it is that you get to push yourself and see if there are any limits. Now I know that there are not any limits at all, and I just have to keep going. 


RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on Thursday night on VH! (check local listings)