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Ricky Martin and an assortment of other celebrities are levelling globally conscious gazes at Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida, with efforts to raise money for food, medicine and shelter for areas devastated by the recent hurricanes.

The Puerto Rican heartthrob of 90s fame held forth with exigency on his native country’s need of assistance last Thursday, appearing on Ellen to incite American viewers to donate funds to the Hand In Hand Hurricane Relief Fund.

“There is no water. There is no electricity. There is no food or medicine. There are no diesel generators that will make the hospital work. People are dying,” he said. “As a Puerto Rican, as an American that I am, I’m here to ask for your help.”

Martin spoke of his brother and father, who he said are still stranded in Puerto Rico amid the muck of it all — his father sick without medicine and unable to get away due to closed airports, which have since opened up.

Martin also mentioned his crowdfunding website, YouCaring, whose goal is to raise $2 million for the people of Puerto Rico. Ellen gave Martin a check from General Mills of $80,000 for his fund.

Items that are currently needed, and which donations will help to supply, include bottled water, mosquito repellent, baby wipes, sanitizer, diapers, canned foods, baby formula, pet food, blankets, pillows and towels.