(EDGE) Rapper 50 Cent was seen at a popular gay nightclub in a Philadelphia gayborhood over the weekend and no one was really sure why.

50, who has a history of using homophobic language, wasn't at Voyeur Nightclub to clear his reputation but showed up to promote his vodka line, Taccording to G Philly.

The newspaper reports Voyeur owners Billy Weiss and Michael Weiss came under fire for another bar they own across the street called Woody's. People alleged "covert racism in their dress code policies." Inviting 50 to Voyeur was their way to "reach out to the community."

"We thought it was a good idea to bring 50 Cent to Voyeur to promote his brand," Billy Weiss told G Philly. "We're planning to work with the community to prove we're inclusive - we have a hip-hop music lounge upstairs [at Voyeur] and plan on hosting an upcoming community forum at Woody's that will address any problems people have with management."

Patrons of Voyeur didn't react well to 50 showing up

"It feels like a black club up in here ... they done brought 50 Cent out," Jay Simmons, a 27-year-old black gay attendee from Atlantic City said. "I haven't heard this much rap music played here in one night - they really trying to get those black coins."

Other club attendees wondered why 50 Center, who currently stars on Starz's "Power," was chosen to appear at headline the club, considering he is straight and has used gay slurs.

"Why 50 Cent - he's not even gay," Davante Rashad, 25, told G Philly outside of the club. "He's homophobic as fuck and he's just using us to buy his fucking vodka."

As New Now Next points out, the rapper said in 2004 he "ain't into faggots" and recently blamed the diminishing ratings of Fox's music drama "Empire" on having too much "gay stuff."