This week read about Queen Latifah telling the public she is part of the LGBT community as well as Tyler Posey and Jack Dylan Grazer coming out.

Queen Latifah Thanks Partner at BET Awards

Queen Latifah told the public that she is part of the LGBT community.

During the BET awards, Latifah was given the Lifetime Achievement BET Award, where she made leaps during her illustrious career. 

During her speech, Latifah made sure to give thanks to her partner Eboni Nichols. 

“I’m gonna get off this stage… but I thank you so much for all of you, the fans for supporting every crazy-ass thing I’ve done through the years. And thank you for making Equalizer No. 1. Eboni, my love. Rebel, my love. Peace. Happy Pride!” 

Latifah has finally confirmed her sexuality after she had evaded questions about her personal life throughout her career.  

She told the New York Times back in 2008. “I don’t have a problem discussing the topic of somebody being gay, but I do have a problem discussing my personal life… You don’t get that part of me. Sorry. We’re not discussing it in our meetings. I don’t feel like I need to share my personal life, and I don’t care if people think I’m gay or not. Assume whatever you want. You do it anyway,” according to Advocate.  

Latifah also confirmed her longtime relationship with Nichols publicly, the two had also welcomed a baby into their life back in 2019. 

She met Nichols on the set of “Dancing With the Stars,” where it was rumored that the two were dating back in 2013. It was now only confirmed publicly that they were indeed together. 

Tyler Posey Comes Out


Tyler Posey. Photo via Facebook.

Tyler Posey, who most know from his role in “Teen Wolf,” opened up an Only Fans account, where he shared a lot of his experiences.

According to PRIDE, “I’ve been with everybody under the sun, and right now I’m in the best relationship that I’ve ever been in with a woman, and she’s queer too,” he said to NME, speaking of his girlfriend Phem. “She’s helped me realize that I fit under the queer umbrella and that I’m sexually fluid, I guess.” 

Posey has also lashed out at trolls that have said some, not so nice things about him and his family.  

“They made this one comment that kind of sparked me wanting to do something about cyberbullying. They said: ‘I killed your mother’ – like, this person actually claimed they killed my mother,” he told PRIDE in an interview. Posey’s mother passed away from cancer when he was 23 years old.

“I’m sober now and I’ve been working a lot on my mental health, so I’m in a place where I can somewhat laugh at that kind of thing… But I know that other people who deal with this kind of shit may not be as strong mentally,” Posey told PRIDE.

Jack Dylan Grazer Comes Out as Bi


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photo via Instagram.

Jack Dylan Grazer, best known for his roles in “Shazam,” “IT,” and other Hollywood blockbusters, revealed that he is bi. 

During an Instagram live video he was asked by a viewer if he was gay, to which he replied, “Im bi.”

His numerous Instagram followers have also pointed out that he had changed his pronouns in his Instagram bio.

Grazer also voiced the character Alberto in Disney’s movie “Luca.” OUT says, “it's not hard to see why queer audiences are so enamored with it. With themes that include keeping secrets from the ones you love, running away from home to explore and be yourself… there's a lot in Luca that LGBTQ+ people can relate to, but the thing that REALLY has fans all over the world fawning over the animated flick is definitely the dynamic between the two main characters Luca and Alberto.”

Fans know that the main story of the movie is not meant to be gay, but members of the LGBT community are glad to see some more representation.