Youtube star Andrea Russett came out just one day shy of Bisexuality Day with a story about her former best friend telling her she would go to hell.

“Sandra and I had a very close, very public friendship,” Russet wrote on Instagram. “Because of that, I feel it’s best I just address this so we can all move on.”

“I came out to Sandra as bisexual 4 [sic] years ago. (Surprise! Yeah. Not exactly how I planned to be coming out publicly, but shit happens I guess.) Anyway, she was the very first person I came out to.”

She described coming out to more and more people after Sandra and expressed that her friend would always give her advice on liking other girls.

“She sat with me while I cried about the thought of coming out to my parents. She knew me better than anyone in my life. She was family to me.”

That changed, however, when she learned what Sandra told to an openly gay mutual friend.

“On the drive home (from a nondenominational church) he was asking questions about her views on religion, one of them being ‘so do you think I’m going to hell because I’m gay?’ ‘Sandra responded yes. She went on to tell him that he can be ‘saved’ with conversion therapy.”

Russett was shocked to learn this, and decided to ask Sandra directly.

“I straight up asked Sandra, ‘Do you think that because I’m bisexual, I’m going to hell?’ She looked at me dead in the eyes and said yes. She went on to tell me that she believes being gay [is] a choice. I asked her is these have always been her views and she said yes.”

“I will never find the words to properly describe [how] hurt I felt in that moment,” Russett confessed to her fans. “She was one of the only people I trusted in my life. And now all I can do is rethink every conversation we had, every situation in which I was with a girl around her, and wonder what she really thought of me.”

Despite that betrayal from her friend, Russett has decided to “move forward and focus on the people in my life who love and accept me for who I am.”

“And to anyone who is struggling with anything similar in their life, you are not alone. You are not any less of a person because of who you may choose to love. How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you. Love is love.”

She has disabled comments on her post, but as of the time of this article, it has received over 300,000 likes on Instagram.

However, she still took to Twitter to voice her gratefulness toward her fans.

“before i log off for a bit i just wanna say an enormous thank u. for listening. for empathizing. for understanding. i mean it when i say i never thought i would have the strength or courage to come out. it feels like a weight has been lifted, and like i can BREATHE. thank u ♥️”

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