The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was recently caught using Woody Guthrie’s 1960s anthem “This Land is Your Land” at their rallies and demonstrations against equality in marriage. However, it seems that conservatives are picking the strangest bedfellows lately – and not just Ken Mehlman, the former GOP Chairman who recently came out – to promote inequality.

However, he did not stop there. He sent a letter to NOM demanding that they stop using the song to promote inequality.

“We strongly support the rights of all gays and lesbians to enjoy the rights and rituals of marriage that are enjoyed by their straight counterparts, and consider the abridgement of this right contrary to the sense of equal protection and fairness inherent in, and applied by, the law of the Constitution of the United States.”

Other strange comparisons conservatives are making include Sarah Palin who spoke with Glenn Beck in D.C. about “restoring America,” on August 28, and NOM’s president Brian Brown who identify themselves as heirs to the Civil Rights Movement.

Somehow all three conservatives feel they are following in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.