Perez Hilton appeared on Ellen Degeneres, to publicly atone for his sins. The list is long – his bullying, name-calling, outing people, childish doodles over images of celebrities, calling the offspring of the Hollywood in-crowd ugly, and calling others fat when he himself was a “hefty gal.” He even uttered the word bully, and promised to make, “a concerted effort to do things differently.”


The spouse of Portia de Rossi noted that Perez contacted Ellen’s people to appear on the show. Furthermore, she added that she never went to his website because of its reputation, then chided him in such a way that she is surely now the principal of all things gay. Perez told Ellen he started his website when he was 26. Now that he is almost 33 he feels he should cease his schoolyard styled taunts. This comes of course in the wake of the teen suicides, and anti-bullying measures.

“From now on I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” he assured Ellen’s audience and also stated that his gossip persona is – or was – a character. Ellen reminded him that when she came out she was the brunt of many jokes, and knows how it feels to be taunted.

“People in the media have a responsibility to put things out that are positive messages for everybody,” Ellen said. She did not however let him go easily, and told him she feared his description new “sassy” approach might be twisted into a new form of bullying.

Perez did not however apologize for his clothing line, or fashion sense.

This completes – hopefully – coverage we have given Perez in terms of his inappropriate behavior.