(WB) Little Richard has called same-sex attraction “unnatural” in a new interview with Three Angels Broadcasting Network.

“You know, it’s just like everybody’s turning one way or the other. When I first came in show business, they wanted you to look like anybody but yourself,” Little Richard, 84, says. “And anybody come in show business, they’re going to say you’re gay. Are you straight? Are you a homosexual, something? They’re going to say it. But God, Jesus made men, men. He made women, women, you know? And you’ve got to live the way God wants you to live.”

His comments are a contrast to his earlier views on sexuality. GQ Magazine reports that in a 1995 interview with Penthouse magazine, the singer came out as gay.

“I’ve been gay all my life and I know God is a God of love, not of hate,” Little Richard told Penthouse.

Speaking with GQ Magazine in 2012, Little Richard described himself as “omnisexual.”

“We are all both male and female. Sex to me is like a smorgasbord. Whatever I feel like, I go for. What kind of sexual am I? I am omnisexual,” Little Richard says.

However, this isn’t the first time Little Richard has backtracked on his sexuality.

“I had girlfriends. I had a stack of women who followed me and traveled with me, stayed with me and slept with me. I figured if being called a sissy would make me famous, let them say what they want to,” Little Richard told Jet in 2000.

Watch the entire interview below.


— Mariah Cooper, Washington Blade courtesy of the National LGBTQ Media Association.