A lover of pink, pumps, pretty jewels, and her Pomeranian, Lisa Vanderpump has proven herself to be much more than just a woman with beauty and money.

The restaurateur, “Real Housewives” reality star, and LGBT ally is in Miami for the raucous White Party – last year, she was crowned queen of the White Party in Palm Springs, CA.

“I have not been to the White Party in Miami, so I’m excited,” she said. “I did love the experience of 30,000 gay men! It was just really an amazing, amazing time.”

Over the years, the mother of two and her husband of 31 years have taken on multiple endeavours, including opening restaurants and clubs. Then Vanderpump’s life skyrocketed to prime time when she joined the cast of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” It lead to an off-shoot show, “Vanderpump Rules,” and then a spot on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Her newest project is a line of LVP sangria with her daughter, Pandora, that was served up at the family’s LA restaurant, Villa Blanca. A huge hit with customers, she decided to add another task to her plate and put it on the marketplace.

With her rising celebrity status – her British wit and beauty have made her a fan favorite -- she’s used her name to help promote various causes, including National Alopecia Areata Foundation and the American Humane Association, and GLAAD.

“There has been incredible injustice served to a lot of people,” Vanderpump said. “You don’t choose your sexuality, you choose your love, and it’s very important to me that there are equal rights for everybody. As many people know, I’ve had gay clubs over the years and I’ve seen the struggle within our own family, when my nephew came out, and how he struggled with that. I just think the statistics are still horrifying.”

When it was revealed that Chik-fil-A had made donations to religious groups that were against same-sex marriage, Vanderpump was one of many celebrities that encouraged fans to boycott the restaurant. “RT if you’re gonna skip the sandwich at Chik-fil-A & support equality!” she tweeted out to more than 700,000 followers.

In her work with GLAAD, she has hosted and spoken at multiple events and also participated in the LA Pride parade. Also, she and her husband are in the works of opening a gay bar, PUMP, in West Hollywood’s Boys Town as they sort through legal issues.

Vanderpump recently participated in a television PSA for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t3vfQIJ-zk#t=390) with Elton John, Jamie Foxx, Lisa Ling and many more advocates for LGBT teens. In the 6-minute film, a teen boy comes home to his parents confronting him about his homosexulity. He is then thrown out of their home to the streets -- this is a reality of one out of four gay teens, and 40 percent of homeless youth are gay (can link to our story on LGBT youth homelessness: http://southfloridagaynews.com/articles/lgbt-teen-homelessness-in-south-florida-part-1/128345 and http://southfloridagaynews.com/articles/lgbt-homelessness-in-south-florida-part-2/130618)

“To me, that is a statistic that’s just not acceptable. It’s about equal rights, I believe in equal rights for everyone, every single person,” she said. “I think it’s very important for the gay community to have a heterosexual voice that can transcend to a lot of parents. can identify with me as someone who has been married for 31 years and had two children; sometimes it’s better to convey a message through a heterosexual voice to some of the people that don’t understand the feelings of their children.”

If You Go:

What: White Party – Lisa Vanderpump Meet & Greet

When: Saturday, November 30 - 11:00 p.m - 12:00 a.m

Where: Soho Studios, 2136 NW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33127