After 42 years together, Emmy-winning couple Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner officially tied the knot on New Years Eve, NBC News reports.

The news broke when celebrity/gossip writer Liz Smith wrote about the ceremony for her syndicated column.

"Lily Tomlin and her love, the writer Jane Wagner, got married on the eve of 2014," she wrote, adding, "My wish is that their happiness will be as great as their combined talents."

Tomlin, 75, and Wagner, 78, have partnered on a number of properties including the film "The Incredible Shrinking Woman," and the play "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe," for which Tomlin won the 1986 Tony Award for Best Actress.

The newlyweds met in 1971 while working on Tomlin’s comedy album, "This Is a Recording," which won the Grammy award for Best Comedy Recording in 1972.

The comedian discussed the wedding in October.

"We’re talking about it," Tomlin told E! at GLESN’s Respect Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "I think December, I’m off. I have no obligations at the moment."

As Gay Star News reports, the women put off tying the knot because of California’s Proposition 8, which halted same-sex marriages in the state. But the measure was struck down in June, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional, which made the couple reconsider their stance.

"You don’t really need to get married, but marriage is awfully nice," Tomlin told E!. "Everybody I know who got married, they say it really makes a difference. They feel very very happy about it."

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