A contestant on the singing reality show “The Voice” spoke out against her comparison to other lesbian artists.

Kelly Clarkson, who is on the show’s panel of judges, compared competitor Molly Stevens to other lesbian artists Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls, according to PinkNews. Stevens took to Instagram in a since-deleted post to address what she thought was a “stereotyped” comparison.

“While I’m extremely honoured to be in that category of talent I do believe that comment did us a disservice and only threw us into a labelling trap,” Stevens wrote. “It felt small minded to me and exactly what I feel we need to bring attention to the world.”

Clarkson later commented to clarify her stance.

“Wow. This really bums me out,” Clarkson said in response. “I need everyone 2 hear me & hear ALL OF THE WORDS I SAY. I compared Molly to Melissa Etheridge, Patty Griffin (a name that was left out conveniently), & the Indigo Girls purely because of the rasp in her voice & that she’s an amazing storyteller.”

Stevens later apologized in a subsequent post.