Lance Bass will officially be a married man in December.

According to People magazine, the former N*Sync member revealed that the he and his partner, actor and model Michael Turchin, are planning to tie the knot on Dec. 20.

"I've gone through some bombs for sure, but I know this is the one," Bass told People last June. "I could not be happier."

Bass, 35, first proposed to Turchin last September and posted a picture on Instagram of his boo showing off the wedding ring. The caption reads: "He said YES!! Love this man."

After the engagement, the men said they put the wedding planning on hold for awhile but Bass, who is now a radio host and LGBT activist, started to freak out.

"I called Michael last night and said, 'Babe, we have to plan something.' I'm tired of telling everyone we haven't done anything yet!" he told People.

Last month, Bass asked Turchin to marry him... for a second time, to mark their one-year engagement.

"Who gets proposed to a second time on the first anniversary of the first proposal?? This guy!!" Turchin wrote on Instagram, including an image of his new ring.

When asked if the other members of N*Sync will be at Bass' wedding or perform, he said, "Yes, there will be a reunion. But I doubt we'll be performing. I think it's a little cheesy if I sing at all at my wedding."