Kim Stolz: From ‘Top Model’ to Wall Street Executive, to Restaurateur

In 2005, Kim Stolz secured her place in reality TV history by appearing as one of the first lesbian contestants on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model.  Although Stolz didn’t win, she did gain entry into the entertainment realm with work as a model and as an MTV correspondent.

Prior to ANTM, Stolz graduated from Wesleyan with a degree in government and international politics.  Eventually, she gravitated away from entertainment towards an equally driven field—Wall Street.  Stolz first worked at BTIG, and later was named vice president for Citigroup in equity derivative sales.

“My career at Citi…is a great way for me to express and utilize my analytical skills as well as my competitive spirit and love for the market,” Stolz told The Mirror.

But Stolz expanded on her ambitions when she and Amanda Leigh Dunn of The Real L World recently opened a restaurant and lounge, The Dalloway, in New York.

“Owning The Dalloway has given me a chance to try something I have never done before,” said Stolz.  “I am a pretty serious foodie so that has been a great way for me to explore that part of me further. I also think there are some pretty amazing lessons to be learned from running a small business.”

Stolz has also found time to write her forthcoming nonfiction book, Can’t Stop, about the obsession with social media.  She found that carrying a notebook helps her to write.  “If I think of something I want to include…I can write it down and add it when I have time.”

Her publication credits include MTV News, Fox News, and Huffington Post.

“It’s great to be able to take a topic I feel passionate about and have the tools to express my observations to the world.”

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