Kanye West Praises Emma Gonzalez But The Feeling Isn’t Mutual

Screenshots via Twitter.

Emma Gonzalez was called a hero by Kanye West in a tweet, but she did not seem to feel the same about him.

The rapper posted a photo of the bisexual Parkland activist with the caption “my hero  Emma Gonzalez” on Twitter. West later posted a photo with a shaved head on the platform.

“Inspired by Emma,” he wrote.

Gonzalez did not directly reply or tweet to West. She instead posted a photo of James Shaw Jr. to her account.

“my hero  James Shaw Jr,” she tweeted, matching the style of West’s post. Shaw knocked the gun out of a shooter’s hand in an attack which led to four deaths in Nashville, Tennessee on April 22.

West had notably come under fire for tweets allegedly showing support for president Donald Trump. West said that they both had “dragon energy” and posted a photo of him wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Trump tweeted thanks to Kanye for the alleged support, calling it “very cool.” West’s storm of tweeting comes as he released a new song, “Ye vs. the People,” featuring rapper T.I.

No word on if Gonzalez also has “dragon energy.”