Rumor had it that Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson, had divorced his wife Tina earlier this year because he came out of the closet and was dating a gay escort.

But after much speculation, Joe Simpson has addressed the claims, saying they are “ridiculous” and “absurd” TMZ reports.

Simpson, 54, denied dating model Bryce Chandler Hill. For his part, Hill took to Twitter to talk about the story.

According to Gay Star News, he posted on Nov. 2: “Yes, I've read the's simply NOT TRUE.”

(The tweet may have been deleted by Hill as SFGN couldn’t find it on the model’s account)

A former youth pastor and Baptist minister, sources told Radar Online Simpson didn’t officially come out because he didn’t want to ruin his reputation as a “God-loving Christian.”

“Joe doesn’t want to publicly admit he’s gay,” an insider told Radar Online. “Despite his alleged dalliances with gay men, he’s still a devout family man. He knows he’s deeply embarrassed Tina, Jessica and Ashlee, especially by the way he’s been outed.”