"Jersey Shore" cast member Jenni "JWoww" Farley lashed out against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie this week after his administration appealed a judge’s ruling that would legalize gay marriage in the state, TMZ reports.

TMZ reporters asked Farley and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi a question about the Republican governor, who has previously criticized the cast of the MTV reality show, saying they gave New Jersey a bad name.

"He’s retarded," JWoww said. "He’s a disgrace to New Jersey ... just like we were."

Later, the reality star took to Twitter to apologize and said she was referring to Christie’s stance on gay marriage.

"Caught off guard last night and said things I normally don’t say," she wrote. "I find it disgusting people are still against gay marriage... So because of that I called Christie a name which wasn’t appropriate. I do find him disgusting and judgmental. I’m for gay equality."

She later added, "No opinion should stop anyone from marriage or happiness," when responding to a Twitter user.

On Monday, Christie’s administration unsurprisingly asked New Jersey’s top state court to take an appeal of a judge’s ruling that the state must recognize same-sex marriage. The request, made to the state’s Supreme Court, was made by Acting Attorney General John Hoffman who said the decision has "far-reaching implications."

Christie is no fan of "Jersey Shore," and said that the show was "bad for New Jersey," which didn’t set well with some of the program’s stars.

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