’Insanity’ Workout DVDs Creator Comes Out on Twitter

Shaun Thompson

Any insomniac awake at 3 am who is watching workout infomercials has seen the ads for the workout DVDs called "Insanity," which feature buff sweaty people with zero percent body fat doing enough pushups to lift a cannon and jogging toward Mars.

The most prominent of all the workout dudes in the seemingly endless come-on is the creator of the program, which bills itself as "the hardest workout put on DVD," Shaun Thompson, a/k/a Shaun T., has come out of the closet by informing the world that he tied the knot with his boyfriend Scott Blocker.

The fitness guru didn’t make a public statement, come out in a gay publication or a special interview, however. He did it - how else? - by tweeting the news. Gawker reports that he retweeted a photo taken at the wedding.

"The two most amazing people in the entire world so happy for you both @Blokker1 @shaunTfitness," Alex Coloreo, the guest who took the photo, wrote in his original tweet. Thompson’s tweet also included a link to the photo on her Instagram account.

Shaun T. tweeted the news also to friend Marcia Cuff, who posted a picture of Blokker at the wedding. "@PlainCrepes the hubby and the BFF! #love!" he wrote.

"No public address, no product tie-in, no developing of a special power jump that can only be performed with the help from another dude - just a guy who had a great day with the guy he loves, and let the world know by hitting a button," Gawker writes.

Shaun T. is also a choreographer and created another workout DVD series called "Hip-Hop Abs." As a dance instructor, Shaun T. has worked most notably with Mariah Carey.

He has a college degree in sports science from New Jersey’s Rowan University. According to Wikipedia, after gaining 50 pounds during his freshman year, he was inspired to get involved in physical fitness.

In 2009, he launched the "Insanity" workout DVD series under the fitness company Beachbody.

Watch a clip of the "INSANITY" workout ad and a video of Shaun T. on "The Dr. Oz Show" below:

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