The fight between Hip-Hop singers Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, who’s openly gay, may have been fueled by a homophobic slur toward Ocean, according to the police incident report.

Ocean told police that he was called a “faggot” during an altercation with Brown at the parking lot of a recording studio in West Hollywood on Jan. 28, the report obtained by TMZ states.

The brawl started after Brown allegedly parked his car on Ocean’s spot. The gay singer confronted Brown, who tried to shake Ocean’s hand in an apparent attempt to apologize, but Ocean refused, the report said.

Ocean then told police that Brown punched him in the face, and that two of Brown’s friends tried to kick him as well; it was during this moment that Ocean told police he heard someone yell “faggot.” Ocean also said Brown threatened to shoot him.

TMZ reports that Ocean suffered a cut to his right index finger and a cut on his left temple.

According to the Associated Press, no arrests were made at the time of the incident but TMZ writes that “Frank told police in private he wanted to see Brown in jail.”

This may not be the first time Brown uses a derogatory term to refer to Ocean. Last year, he declined to comment on Ocean’s sexuality, allegedly telling paparazzi: “Man, no homo!” the Gay Star News reported.