This season of ‘Gotham’ took a unique spin when Penguin fell in love with Edward Nygma, and not everyone was happy. Now Penguin’s actor, Robin Lord Taylor, is firing back at fans.

"I just want to address the people who say, you know, 'I have no problem with him being gay or queer or anything, I just have a problem with you guys changing or altering the canon.' And I have to say that that's a bunch of horseshit,” he told the audience of Rhode Island Comic Con.

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Lord Taylor cited other instances where media departs from the comics — and how little fans seemed to care.

“You can’t say that to me if you also didn’t have the same amount of consternation about Batman ‘89, where the Joker killed Batman’s parents,” he said. “That’s a total departure from the canon characters.”

He also referenced differences between the comics and ‘Gotham’ itself, which depicts Batman and Catwoman grow up together.

“You come to me and you say to me that 'I'm OK with you being queer, but I'm upset that you're changing a canon character,' what you are saying to me is 'I am homophobic and I am afraid of gay people and queer people.'”

Penguin may not even be gay, Taylor argued, noting that he may have just fell for the only person who was nice to him.

“I truly believe that had it been Barbara or Tabitha or Butch — regardless of if they were male or female — he would have had that same sort of obsession.”

After finishing his rant, Taylor dropped the mic — literally.

Watch the full clip below.