"The Great Gatsby" will feature more LGBT characters, Ellia Green comes out as a trans man, and a same-sex couple has adopted a new baby boy.

‘The Great Gatsby’ Gets Queer, POC-Centered Retelling

Non-binary author Jeremy Holt, along with Felipe Cunha, plan to give “The Great Gatsby” a queer makeover featuring LGBT characters and POC as the main actors.

It depicts Singaporean student Lu Zhao spending a summer on Long Island with his rich cousin Tommy before attending Columbia University, and Lu’s experience is the same as the original character Nick Carraway.

The original author is F. Scott Fitzgerald and in 2021 the book entered public domain, meaning no one has to get permission from Fitzgerald’s estate to adapt it. Back in 2021, Fitzgerald’s great-granddaughter Blake Hazard told the Associated Press in 2020, “I would love to see an inclusive adaptation of Gatsby, with a diverse cast. Though the story is set in a very specific time and place, it seems to me that a retelling of this great American story could and should reflect a more diverse America.”




Olympic Rugby Champ Comes Out as Trans Man


Photo via Ellia Green, Instagram.

Ellia Green, a member of the 2016 Olympic champion women’s rugby sevens team from Australia, recently came out as a trans man.

Green came out in a video shown at a summit on dealing with homophobia and transphobia in sports in Ottawa, Canada.

“Imagine not being able to do what you love because of how you identify,” said Green. “Banning transgender people from sport, I think, is disgraceful, and I think it’s hurtful. The rates of suicide and mental health [issues] will get even worse.”

Green said transitioning was the best move of his life and said that he’d been aware of his trans identity since childhood.

Green decided to come out publicly because of the negatively surrounding trans athletes right now telling AP, “I’d like to help someone not feel so isolated by telling my story.”

Soccer Stars Ashlyn Harris & Ali Krieger Adopt New Baby Boy


Photo via Ali Kreiger, Instagram.

Team USA soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Kreiger announced that they’ve adopted a baby boy named Ocean Maeve Krieger-Harris, making this their second child.

“My wife and I are excited to share that we have adopted a baby boy,” Harris wrote on Instagram. “Our hearts are full during this time and we are so grateful for the love and support our family, friends and club have shown.”

The pair shared photos online of Ocean and snaps of him with their daughter Sloane who they say is very excited to have a sibling.

Krieger also shared a few words on Instagram saying, “Welcome to the world, Ocean Maeve. “We are so thrilled for our growing family and couldn’t be more excited to have two beautiful babies to share life with! Baby Boy, you are so loved and adored already and I’m so proud to be your Mommy.”