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Trey McBride is the first NFL player to have same-sex parents, Archie Comics introduces queer characters, and a trans archer was banned from participating in Texas women's competitions.

Trey McBride Is Now First NFL Player With Same-Sex Parents

Trey McBride, drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, is now the first NFL player with same-sex parents. McBride is one of five children from Kate and Jen McBride.

“They’ve done a great job of pushing me to be the best version of myself, just constantly getting support and love,” McBride said of his two moms on the “Today” show.

The couple raised their children in a rural community and taught them all from a young age to be confident and keep the family close as hateful comments were the norm.

“I’m excited to see him just live his dream,” Kate said. “When your kid comes to you when they’re little and they say they want to be president, it’s ‘OK, honey, that’s great.’ He wanted to play in the NFL, and he’s going to do it.”

Trey plans to use the NFL platform to change the stigmas associated with the LGBT community.

“This could really be the platform to kind of help change things and kind of shine a light on this, but really, it’s just normal to me,” he said.

Archie Comics Introduces New Queer Characters


Photos via Archie Comics.

Archie Comics is introducing two new characters to the Riverdale clan. Teen business mogul Eliza Han, who is pansexual, and software tech genius Stacy Banks, who is bisexual.

The two characters will debut in a new series launching this summer entitled “Archie and Friends: Summer Lovin.”

Their debut will take place during Pride month which makes it even more special to the franchise. The creators made it clear that although this is a limited series, both characters will be seen again and incorporated into the regular series.

"Any and all new characters are meant to become integrated into the regular cast of characters. Riverdale is forever expanding, and we'll be taking extra care to make sure that none of these new kids get lost in the mix,” said Mike Pellerito, Archie Comics' Editor-in-Chief. "Eliza is another character that you can fall in love with very easily, and there's a lot more to be revealed about the character besides her sexuality."

The series will be available starting June 8.

Trans Archery Champion Gets Banned from Texas Women’s Competitions


 KellyJeanne Pyne. Photo via Instagram.

KellyJeanne Pyne, an army veteran trans archer, won a championship that led to a rule change that bars athletes like her from competing alongside women in Texas.

Pyne finished one point ahead of the runner-up, Linda Culwell, and 14 points higher than the other contestant, Theresa Murphy. She received 81 points for hitting the innermost ring of the target — 14 points higher than Culwell and 12 more than Murphy for hitting that part of the target.

“It felt good. It felt like I had achieved something and then was rapidly taken away,” Pyne said.

After her victory, three archers submitted official protests. The protests objected to Pyne being trans and competing in women’s events.

“The aim comes from your mental game: can you sit there and focus on that pin or on that dot and keep it in the center until the shot breaks? That’s your mental game. It really comes down to a mental game and practice,” Pyne said.

Pyne said she would like to work with USA Archery to develop a policy related to trans athletes.