This week read about Caroline Cruz coming out as bisexual, a lesbian pop star arrested in Hong Kong, and a trans climber completing five out of seven summits.

Ted Cruz’s Daughter Comes Out as Bisexual

In a recent TikTok that went viral, Caroline Cruz, daughter of Republican Senator Ted Cruz, discussed the pros and cons of being a senator’s daughter while also revealing that she is bisexual.

Her followers asked if she told her dad about her sexuality yet to which she responded, “I haven’t told him yet, I’m kind of nervous, to be honest, but I don’t think he would be mad about it."

Caroline continued by saying that a lot of people misjudge her and assume that she holds the same views as her father.

"A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance, but I really disagree with most of his views,” said Caroline.

Since the video was released, Caroline’s account has been turned to private and Twitter users have been speculating that Ted and his team are behind the censorship. 

“@tedcruz IF you were a better parent your 13 yo daughter‘s TikTok account would’ve been private from the start … nice deflection from baaaaad parenting @tedcruz,” said one Twitter user

Caroline’s supporter base is growing as people on social media are rallying behind the teenager and supporting her coming out journey.

Lesbian Pop Star Arrested Amid Growing Crackdown Against China’s Critics


Denise Ho. Photo via Facebook.

Lesbian pop star band famous pro-democracy activist Denise Ho was one of seven people arrested by national security police in Hong Kong.

All seven people arrested were linked to the pro-democracy news website Stand News and were accused of conspiracy to publish seditious material, a colonial-era crime punishable by two years in jail and a fine of up to 5,000 Hong Kong dollars ($640). Ho previously served as a board member for Stand News according to Go Magazine.

CNN reported that police searched the star’s home and took her phones, computers, identification cards, and passport.

Shortly after the series of arrests, Stand News announced its immediate shutdown, deletion of all social media pages and firing of all employees.

Under Chinese pressure, Hong Kong passed a 2020 National Security Law which China claimed would help silence violent civil protests. Fellow human rights activists said the law is just a way to arrest and silence any of China’s critics. Ho and the other people arrested have since been released.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned the arrests, demanding the arrestees’ release and calling on China to stop “targeting” members of the free press, Politico reported.

Trans Climber Completes 5 of 7 Summits


Erin Parisi. Photo via

Erin Parisi, a transgender climber, recently completed the 5th of 7 summits. Parisi just returned from the bottom of the world, but has already set her sights on her next challenge which is to conquer the highest summits of each of the seven continents.

“I have been trying to train and get to the tops of the highest mountain on every continent: Seven Peaks, seven summits, seven continents,” she said. “I just finished Antarctica, which is an extraordinarily difficult climb as far as logistics, as far as dealing with the weather and the environment, a mountain that’s only been climbed 2,000 times before.”

Parisi plans to return later this year to the tallest spot in North America: Mount Denali, 20,310 feet above sea level. Not the highest of the seven summits but considered by many experienced climbers to be the hardest.

Parisi is active in promoting transgender rights, and the flag she carries on every expedition incorporates the trans pride flag designed by Monica Helms.

“We really take pride in putting the pink, blue and white up there,” she said. “I climb these summits just to kind of remind myself and remind the world that you can be yourself and you can enjoy the things you enjoy. You don’t have to make a choice.”

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