Chef Deborah VanTrece plans on opening two restaurants in Atlanta, David Barta comes out as pansexual on TV, and "Ironheart" introduced a new trans character.

Lesbian Chef to Open Restaurants in Atlanta

Chef Deborah VanTrece, known for her unique take on global soul food, is set to open two restaurants in Atlanta. As a former model and flight attendant, VanTrece said her experience with travel led her to fall in love with many destinations and cultures and she used this influence in her own cooking.

“I love my restaurant’s neighborhood in West Midtown Atlanta,” VanTrece said. “They have embraced me since we opened in 2017 and they supported us throughout the pandemic. It is a very progressive area, and the fabric of the neighborhood and its people is authentic and real. Atlanta has influenced my cooking to a certain degree because the soul of this city is like no other. It is an energy and a vibe that spurs my creativity because you have people who want to try new things and love to see twists on classics.”

Her first restaurant, Oreatha’s, opens this month and her second restaurant this year.




‘Ex on the Beach’ Star Comes Out As Pansexual


 David Barta. Photo via Facebook.

David Barta came out as pansexual during the premiere episode of MTV’s fifth season of “Ex on the Beach.” On the show, he shared his journey with sexuality.

“I think I’m here definitely to get to know myself better and accept myself more. A big thing that has been going on for me, behind closed doors, in the past year and a half or so, has been my sexuality,” Barta said.

He later took to Instagram, to define what pansexuality was and say that he’s more than just a title.

“Call it Pansexual, call it Bisexual, call it Sexually Fluid (my preference), or all of the above. It’s me. Above all these titles, I’m just David. I’m still the same exact person, just a little more honest and open to what life has in store for me.”

The current season of MTV’s “Ex on the Beach” is full of LGBT representation. Besides Barta, the cast is comprised of people identifying as gay, bisexual, and trans and airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. on MTV.

Marvel’s ‘Ironheart’ Introduces Trans Character


 "Ironheart." Credit: Marvel.

Marvel is set to introduce a new transgender character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the new Disney+ series “Ironheart.”

The series focuses on genius teen inventor Riri Williams, who just created the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man. According to POC Culture, Marvel is looking to cast a minority trans woman for one of the main roles.

This is the latest in a series of plans set out by Marvel as they try to improve their representation as they’ve had a few mishaps in the past. Marvel recently introduced their first gay superhero Phastos in Eternals and confirmed that the main character in Loki is both gender fluid and bisexual.

“Ironheart” is set to air sometime in 2023.

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