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Kit Conner said he was forced to reveal that he's bisexual, Alexis Bellini introduced her transgender son, and two beauty queens get married.

‘Heartstopper’ Star Kit Conner Comes Out as Bisexual

The star of Netflix’s new series “Heartstopper,” Kit Conner, came out as bisexual. In a tweet, he said that he was forced to reveal his sexuality.

“Back for a minute. I’m bi. Congrats on forcing an 18-year-old to out himself. I think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye,” Connor wrote.

This comes a few weeks after Connor was accused of queer baiting, meaning that he was benefiting from the LGBT community without saying he was a part of it.

In “Heartstopper,” Connor plays Nick Nelson, a high school student who develops feelings for his gay classmate Charlie Spring. The show features Connor’s character coming out as bisexual to his mother.

Stonewall, a British LGBTQ+ rights group, responded to Connor’s tweet by saying, “Sending all our love and solidarity Kit. Nobody should ever be forced to come out before they are ready. This is your own journey and no one else's!”



Former ‘Real Housewives’ Star Introduces World to Her Trans Son


Miles and Alexis Bellini. Photo via Instagram.

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Alexis Bellini took to Instagram to share the news about her transgender son.

Her son Miles has been transitioning over the past 16 months. She wrote, “I had stopped posting the past few months due to this transition in Miles’ life, but he’s now ready to ‘come out’ and to use this platform to stop any hate or questions. He’s tired of the misgendering and confusion people have, so we are setting the record straight.”

She explained that Miles first came out as transgender to her 16 months ago and initially wanted to hide it from everyone. However, now he is ready to come out.

“My son can live life now with his true self,” she said.

Bellini confirmed she would be deleting and blocking any hate and asked for the support of fans during this time. “We are all human and we are ALL equal,” she said.

Beauty Queens Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico Get Married


Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentín. Screenshot via Instagram.

Beauty queens Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentín recently got married.

The 2020 winners of Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico announced their news on Instagram.

"After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors to them on a special day. 28/10/22," the couple wrote in Spanish.

Along with the caption, they posted a video of their relationship that featured images from their engagement, matching diamond rings, and other highlights with family and friends.

The couple reportedly met at the pageant in 2020, and remained friends afterward, according to HOLA! magazine.

Their announcement was met with support and congratulatory messages. Notably, Abena Akuaba, who was Miss Grand USA 2020, and the first Black woman to win the Miss Grand International pageant commented. “Omg congratulations MGI brought together a beautiful union.”