This week read about a social media influencer coming out as bisexual, over 120 priests coming out as queer, and United Kingdom's first LGBT museum opening in London.

Ari Fletcher Comes Out as Bisexual

This past week social media personality Ari Fletcher sat down with the ladies of Lip Service and opened up about her sexuality and sex life.

During the interview, she admitted that she is bisexual and has had a long-term relationship with a woman before.

“I genuinely like women,” Fletcher said. “I had sex with a woman before a man. I’m really into girls on my own.”

She continued by saying she wouldn’t mind having an open relationship where she would have a girlfriend while also dating her long-term boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo.

“I wanna be the girlfriend and she’s my girlfriend and then she’s just fun for him. I don’t want for him to like her for real unless it’s sexual.”

Fletcher said that she was in a three-year relationship with a woman during her younger days but it was toxic and ended poorly, leading her to focus on heterosexual relationships. The star is continuing to learn more about her sexuality and is open to sharing the process with others so they can feel less alone.

German Catholic Priests Come Out as Queer


Photo via @outinchurch, Facebook.

Over 120 priests and employees within the Catholic Church community in Germany came out as queer. While doing so, they launched a campaign entitled #OutinChurch demanding an end to institutional discrimination against LGBT people and a church without fear.

The members of the church community published seven demands via social media through their account called @outinchurch. The demands range from ensuring queer people are safe within the church setting to queer individuals should have equal access to activities and occupations in the church.

“The #OutInChurch initiative demands ... to change the church’s labor law in such a way that a life in accordance with one’s own sexual orientation and gender identity, also in a partnership or civil marriage, does not lead to exclusion from tasks and offices nor to dismissal,” supporters of the initiative wrote.

As of now, the Vatican has not put out an official response to the list of demands and the groups following are steadily rising.

UK’s First LGBT Museum Opens in London


Photo via Queer Britain, Facebook.

United Kingdom’s first LGBT museum has opened in London.

Founded by Queer Britain, the museum is “dedicated to exploring LGBTQ+ history, people, and ideas.” The charity wants the museum to be "an essential place for all regardless of sexuality or gender identity, to find out about the culture they have been born into, have chosen or seek to understand.”

The museum is located in the heart of central London in an area called Granary Square. Jenny Waldman, the charity's director, said, "Their exciting proposal for the first U.K. museum dedicated to exploring LGBTQ+ histories, people and ideas was warmly supported by our trustees, and we're thrilled that our beautiful building in Granary Square will be home for the first phase of the Queer Britain Museum.”

Another trustee of Queer Britain said, “I'm really excited that Queer Britain is finally going to have a space to show what we can do and that we're here for all the community, from old lesbian feminist warhorses like me to young queer folk of all genders and ethnicities.”

The museum is now open and accepts visitors daily.

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