Nicole Serrano, who grew up Christian, came out as lesbian, a model Olivia Ponton came out as bisexual, and Harry Styles is set to star in a queer film.

Ex-Christian Singer-Songwriter Comes Out as a Lesbian

Nicole Serrano, who grew up in the Christian Church, was the daughter of a pastor, and later worked in a ministry herself, has come out as lesbian.

Serrano, who uses she/they pronouns, has been very successful in the Christian music industry and has worked with big-name artists and had her music featured on modern television shows.

“I just started slowly coming out to myself, basically, and realizing this is how I've always been and that there was nothing I could do to like, earn or lose worthiness or love,” she said.

When Serrano started to come out to some of the staff members from the church she worked at, they started treating her differently and eventually fired them.

After the experience that she described as “traumatic,” Serrano moved to Nashville and continued to make music about her journey to inspire others who might be like her.

“If you don't like me, that's fine,” Serrano said. “There are plenty of people in this world, and I'm just like, looking for my people.”

Model Olivia Ponton Comes Out as Bisexual


Olivia Ponton. Photo via Instagram.

Model and TikToker Olivia Ponton has come out as bisexual.

“I want to announce that I’m bisexual, and I’m now proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community,” said Ponton, who was born in Naples, Florida. “I feel like it didn’t really even occur to me until I moved [to Los Angeles] that being bisexual was even a possibility in my brain.”

In an interview with Teen Vogue, she opened up about how she met her girlfriend, fellow TikToker Kaila Novak.

Ponton shared that she was inspired by JoJo Siwa who came out as pansexual earlier this year.

“I saw that and thought ‘Wow, that’s really amazing for young children now because she’s such a big role model. And she’s really become almost a role model for me to look up to as well,” said Ponton. “I want to let young girls know that it’s okay to not even know your sexuality until you’re older.”

She hopes to inspire others to find their voice and live their truest selves.

Harry Styles to Star in Queer Film


Credit: Prime/Twitter.

Amazon dropped the first footage of their fall drama, “My Policeman,” which is about a closeted police officer who sparks a relationship with a museum curator who is facing societal pressure to marry a woman and lead a traditional lifestyle. 

The cast is made up of Harry Styles, David Dawson, and Emma Corrin.

"The whole point of Tom is that he is a character who is confused," director Michael Grandage told Vanity Fair. "It's made more problematic by the fact that he's a policeman, and he's in a career that is about upholding the law. And the law in the country at the time is about everything he feels — the complexity of it is something that whoever was going to play younger Tom and older Tom needed to somehow understand and absorb."

The project is based on author Bethan Roberts’ book of the same title which was released in 2012. Amazon Prime will release the movie on Oct. 21 and it will be available exclusively on the streaming platform Nov. 4.