This week read about MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin receiving backlash after winning a fight, Emily Hampshire crediting a show for helping her discover her sexual identity, and Raven-Symoné turning down an offer to play as a lesbian character in a Disney spin-off.

Trans MMA Fighter Receives Backlash

Alana McLaughlin, the first transgender MMA fighter to compete in seven years, has received backlash following her debut victory.

McLaughlin fought Celine Provost in a featherweight match at the Combate Global event inside of Univision Studios in Miami, Florida.

"It was a nightmare trying to find an opponent," McLaughlin said before the competition took place, according to ESPN. "I have nothing but respect for [Provost]."

MMA fans have been calling McLaughlin a cheater and she has received “a lot of variations of the same nasty messages.” She is supported by Fallon Fox, the first transgender MMA who last competed in 2014.

"Right now, I'm following in Fallon's footsteps. I'm just another step along the way and it's my great hope that there are more to follow behind me," McLaughlin said. "If we want to see more trans athletes, if we want to see more opportunities for trans kids, we're going to have to work our way into those spaces and make it happen."

Emily Hampshire Credits Show for Discovering Sexual Identity


 Emily Hampshire. Photo via Instagram.

“Schitt’s Creek” actress Emily Hampshire revealed that the show helped her define her sexuality as pansexual.

Hampshire shared with Demi Lovato on her podcast “4D with Demi Lovato” that the famous wine scene which occurs in season one episode 10, where one character says that he “likes the wine, not the label” when describing being pansexual helped her learn more about pansexuality as a whole.

Hampshire said five years after the episode she was reading a message board where people were asking if she was gay and she said, “‘This is so weird. What am I?’ Because I truly just fell in love with a person and where they were on the gender spectrum did not matter to me. And since then it really doesn’t matter to me. I have to like the person. I’m really attracted to a person’s vibe.”

Raven-Symoné Denied Playing Lesbian Character in Disney Spin-Off


 Raven-Symoné. Photo via Facebook.

In 2013, Raven-Symoné publicly identified as a lesbian and has been married to Miranda Pearman-Maday for over a year. However, the actress shared that she turned down Disney’s offer to have her character identify as a lesbian on her spin-off show “Raven’s Home.”

“The reason I said no wasn't because I wasn't proud of who I was or [because] I didn't want to represent the LGBTQ+ community in any way," she said in an interview on the PRIDE Podcast. "It was because Raven Baxter is Raven Baxter.”

She also wanted Baxter to remain straight so that Symoné could put distance between herself and the character.

"Even if she is straight [and] cisgender, I don't mind, let her have her moment,” said Symoné in reference to her iconic character.

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