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Dylan Mulvaney underwent facial feminization surgery, a venue in Israel denied hosting a lesbian couple's wedding, and a study found that bisexuals use cannabis more frequently.

TikToKer Gets Facial Feminization Surgery

Dylan Mulvaney, an actress, transgender rights activist, and TikToker, underwent facial feminization surgery, or FFS back in December. Mulvaney kept fans updated for weeks and finally posted a much-wanted face.

FFS refers to gender-affirming treatments used to feminize facial appearance. Examples include having cheekbones and lips augmented, having the hairline moved to have a smaller forehead, having the jaw and chin reshaped and resized, etc.

“I'm the happiest I've ever been,” said Mulvaney in an Instagram post.

After weeks of teasers, Mulvaney dropped her facial reveal video on Jan. 27. “Oh my gosh hi, I missed you!” she said. “You know I have a flair for the dramatics. It's so good, right?”

On Jan. 30, Mulvaney explained FFS. "FFS is sort of like a choose your own adventure." The surgery felt “extremely privileged” for her.  
"You can get one of those things. You can get all of them. You can get none of them," she said. "It's really whatever you have dysphoria over."

Venue Refuses To Host Lesbian Wedding In Israel


 Photo via Dollar Photo Club.

Tzlil Alush and Amit Lind, a lesbian couple in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, were denied to host their wedding at a privately owned venue. The venue, Hameshek Shel Abba, is located in Tifrah, a moshav or cooperative agricultural community.

Hameshek Shel Abba claimed the local government prohibits queer weddings, but the reigning councils of the region denied any such prohibition, which an employee of the venue cited.

When Alush spoke with a representative of the venue, she specified that the wedding would be between two women and received pushback. The venue claimed it needed permission for every wedding that takes place from the regional religious council.

Alush told Haaretz, “I have no hatred toward anyone, or complaints against [the employee] personally. But there was such a good atmosphere surrounding the conversation, it broke my heart. I realized that this is bigger than one wedding … The system is screwed up.”

Current Israeli law prohibits businesses that provide public services from discrimination based on sexuality. Members of the new governing coalition have claimed they seek to change this soon.
Study Finds That Bisexuals Use Cannabis More Frequently


Photo by Michael Fischer via Pexels.

A study by the name of, “The Pot at the End of the Rainbow” is among the first to examine the drive for cannabis use among sexual minorities quantitatively. Led by psychologists at Washington State University, data was analyzed from almost 4,700 university students across the country. Twenty-three percent of participants identified as bisexual.

“The group classified as bisexual was more likely to report using cannabis to cope as well as for enhancement, which is a bit surprising,” said Kyle Schofield, a WSU Ph.D. candidate in Psychology to the WSU Insider. 
The bisexual group reported higher levels of a marijuana use disorder, generalized or social anxiety, depression, and suicidality than any of the other groups.

“People who are in sexual minority groups not only face normal life stress but also an additional column of stress that’s related to being a sexual minority,” said Schofield. “For bisexual people, there may be even more different types of stress since they can face discrimination from gay as well as straight communities, and additional stress can lead to negative mental health outcomes.”