This week read about Sarit Hadad coming out in a song, Lottie Lion hoping to empower others by coming out, and Madison Bailey talking about her sexuality.

Sarit Hadad Comes Out as Lesbian in New Song

Forty-three-year-old singer Sarit Hadad revealed her sexuality and relationship with Tamar Yahalomi in a new song entitled “A Love Like Ours.”

"I have not been touched the way you touched me in years, what is inside cannot be explained even by a thousand songs, as soon as you came every moment with you beats everything in life," sings Hadad in the newly released song.

The star showed musical promise from a young age, but struggled with her parents who attempted to prevent her from pursuing a career in music. Now, Hadad is considered an Israeli icon and has made her mark in the industry with her pop and Mizrahi music.






‘Outer Banks’ Star Opens Up About Sexuality


 Madison Baliey. Photo via Instagram.

Twenty-one-year-old “Outer Banks” star Madison Bailey recently came out as pansexual in a TikTok video.

Shortly after, she participated in an Instagram Live Q&A with actress Lacy Hartselle and continued to open up about her sexuality.

"I have very accepting friends, a very accepting family, an industry that's very welcoming and very accepting," Bailey said. "Being open and honest feels so good! To be so transparent, especially in an industry when a lot of people want to be in my personal life, it's nice that I can be like, 'Here's my personal life. You can have it. It's fine.’”

Bailey also revealed that she is dating UNC basketball player Mariah Linney after the two met on TikTok. She ended the IG Q&A by urging fans to be open about their sexuality, “If you're gay, tell everybody that you're gay. It's worth it," she said. "I was saying this the other day — I was like, 'To be honest, I don't believe in straight people. They're as real as unicorns to me.’”

‘The Apprentice’ Star Hopes to Empower Others by Coming Out


 Lottie Lion. Photo via Instagram.

Lottie Lion, former contestant on BBC’s “The Apprentice,” opened up about her sexuality saying she is “proud” of who she is.

“To be open about something quite taboo within my social circle is hard. I’ve been in the closet since I was 18. Four years is enough. I want to be open,” said Lion in an interview with The Sun.

Lion said that she first knew she was bisexual after watching “The Hunger Games” and “fancying gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence.” Shortly after, she had her first relationship with a woman which ended abruptly when the lover wanted to meet Lion’s parents. She is currently dating a 30-year-old software engineer and hopes to “empower others” with her bravery.

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