This week read about Misha Osherovich playing as a non-binary character in a new show, trans employees filing a lawsuit against Netflix, and a Doritos ad featuring a queer couple.

Non-binary Actor Plays Non-binary Character in New Show

Peacock’s original series, “The Girl in the Woods,” stars Misha Osherovich, a non-binary actor, who, in the show, plays a non-binary character named Nolan.

“It’s one of those things where, as an actor, you read it and you go, ‘This can’t be real life,’” they revealed to The Advocate, adding, “I couldn’t contain the feels … I felt so seen.”

It was as if the character had been custom-written just for them, they felt.

“We talk about wanting to feel seen and represented, but I actually don’t know that before reading this script in particular, I felt such a singular … moment of feeling seen. That’s what it feels like.”

Nolan is one of the three leads in the show and like Osherovich is non-binary. However, Nolan is still working on being comfortable with their gender identity. Osherovich came out shortly before the pandemic hit and, because of that, didn’t see a lot of people or have the chance to explore their sexuality publicly. So, like Nolan, they are still figuring it out.

“I, as a queer human, I’m still figuring myself out. And so sexual fluidity is something that actually opened up for me when I kind of settled my gender identity. I’m like, ‘Oh, right, I fall outside of the binary, now I can do whatever the fuck I want!’”

Trans Employees File Lawsuit Alleging Retaliation Over Chappelle Controversy


 Credit: Thibault Penin, Unsplash.

Two transgender Netflix employees filed labor complaints against the streaming service claiming that the company retaliated against them for speaking out and organizing a walk-out protest against Dave Chappelle’s controversial new comedy special.

The charges, which were filed Wednesday with the National Labor Relations Board, allege that B. Pagels-Minor was fired under “false and pretextual reasons” after Pagels-Minor and Terra Field organized a walkout at the company’s headquarters.

“This charge is not just about B. and Terra, and it’s not about Dave. It’s about trying to change the culture and having an impact on others,” the employees’ attorney, Laurie Burgess, said in a statement. “The charge is all about collective action. It’s about supporting your co-workers and speaking up for things you care about.”

Netflix denied all allegations in a statement to USA Today, “We recognize the hurt and pain caused to our trans colleagues over the last few weeks. But we want to make clear that Netflix has not taken any action against employees for either speaking up or walking out.”

Doritos Day of the Dead Commercial Features Queer Couple


 Credit: Doritos Mexico.

In honor of Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), Doritos Mexico released a commercial featuring a queer couple. The ad, which already has more than 2.5 million views on YouTube, features a family paying their respects to their late uncle — who turns up with an unexpected guest who he refers to as “my partner.”

Following the ad, it cuts to the title “It’s never late to be who you are.” The commercial has gotten mixed reviews. Some have praised the commercial for connecting to queer identities in a cultural space already mired in tradition. Others have commented that the ad sends the message that you can only be your true self in death.

In a statement to The Advocate, a representative from Doritos Mexico said the commercial is a part of the company’s #ProudAllYear platform, which celebrates and promotes respect and support for diversity.

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