This week read about Miss Universe Philippines crowning its first lesbian winner, Angie Kent coming out as pansexual, and "Dear White People" creator cutting ties with Netflix.

Miss Universe Philippines Crowns its First LGBT Winner

Beatrice Luigi Gomez broke the glass ceiling at last week’s Miss Universe Philippines after becoming the first LGBT winner.

Gomez, who represented Cebu City, shared that she has been in a long-term same-sex relationship with her partner. She was confident in her preliminary interviews that the Philippines was ready for an out member of the LGBT community to represent them in the pageant. After her win, supporters took to Twitter to celebrate the big moment.

“Tonight, herstory was made. Beatrice Gomez is our first ever openly lesbian Miss Universe Philippines,” said one Twitter user.

Gomez’s next stop is Eilat, Israel for the 70th Miss Universe pageant. If she wins, she’ll be the fifth contestant from the Philippines to take home the crown.



Former ‘Bachelorette’ Star Comes Out as Pansexual


 Angie Kent. Photo via Instagram.

Angie Kent, former star of “The Bachelorette,” revealed in an interview with TV Week that she is pansexual.

She shared that she felt “stitched-up” on her season of the show and wishes she was given the chance to date both men and women. In the finale of her season, Kent chose Carlin Sterritt but the two broke it off shortly after the show’s filming.

"We were so smitten with each other on the show, but we were so different [out in the real world]. Both of us were different," Kent said on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

"I’m always myself, but he got to see me full throttle, and I was stressed after the show too. He was very religious and had all these ideas that I should be a certain way when I wasn’t. I don’t want to be with somebody who wants me to change. I want somebody to love me for me," the TV star added.

Kent is still on the hunt for love and is open to dating both men and women.

Creator of ‘Dear White People’ Cuts Ties with Netflix


 Jaclyn Moore. Photo via Twitter.

“Dear White People” showrunner Jaclyn Moore announced via Twitter that she is cutting ties with Netflix following a dispute regarding Netflix’s Dave Chappelle special “The Closer.”

During the special, Chappelle declares that he is “Team TERF,” defending J.K. Rowling and DaBaby, and made transphobic jokes about the genitalia of trans women.

“I've loved working there,” Moore tweeted. “I will not work with them as long as they continue to put out and profit from blatantly and dangerously transphobic content.”

Moore, who is transgender, said Chappelle’s performance crossed the line.

“He compared my existence to someone doing blackface,” Moore declared. “He talks about someone winning a Woman of the Year award despite never having a period that should make women mad and that it makes him mad.”

Despite Moore’s recent success with her show “Dear White People,” which ran for four seasons, she ultimately decided to call it quits.

“I can’t be a part of a company that thinks that's worth putting out and celebrating.”

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